Roll with the punches

As I write this, it’s about 2am in New York and just after 3 in the afternoon here in Bali.  

12 hours ago, when the times were reversed, this was looking like a very different day than what it became.  This morning I got up at 1am and got all ready to ke a volcano at sunrise.  I left he home stay in the dark (don’t start panicking- I have a flashlight) and headed down to the main road to meet my guide and the rest of the group.  I waited and waited and waited and well… Waited for over an hour… No one came.  Of course I cannot just hop on my phone because my data plan really does not cover me out this far (lol).  So I walked back home to get on wifi and ask what in the goodness happened.  

If you know me well, you know I don’t always like when things don’t go as planned.  I tend to anxious and flustered.  Well, you would be happy- that did not happen! Yes, I was disappointed. I wondered what I did wrong.  Did I wait outside of wrong meeting point or somehow get there too late, even you I was early? It turned out there had been a car accident and traffic (no one was hurt) and the team could not complete pickup or take anyone on the tour.  The host, very apologetic, offered to reschedule for tomorrow. So I will be hiking a volcano for sunrise tomorrow … But then I thought, what to do with today.  Today, December 1st, was supposed to be a big fun exciting day to officially kick off my birthday month…

I went with it-  I slept another hour. I had a long leasurely breakfast and journaled. 

The day was mine and whatever struck my fancy was mine to do… Or not do. 

And that’s really the world for you. Yes we must plan and save and think and be smart, but we are also allowed to go with what is thrown at us.  Often times we can’t know what is coming our way every moment, but we can control how we react to these ever changing situations.  We can let these unforeseen changes ruin our outlook, our relationship, or we can be open to the exciting idea of an unknown plan.

Wow- don’t I sound enlightened! 

I took my time … I took yoga … I wandered and window shopped the goodness out of most of Ubud center.  I ate lunch and stayed for the wifi.  

And when I say I took yoga… I took my first ever Acro Yoga class and talk about rolling with whatever is sent flying your way! I’m arriving and have a fairly decent ideas where my body is in space… So I make a great base. But in teams of 3 I was able to fly too… And just trust.

And that is the name of the game.  Trust that it will work out… Volcano trekking was easily rescheduled for tomorrow !



Bike Bali

Doesn’t the title say it all? If your weren’t sure, I did a bike tour around Ubud today and it is quickly moving up on the list of amazing life experiences I’ve had.  
I booked this excursion on Air BnB and honestly I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even heard from the host, so I did question my choices a little bit…. But OMG am I glad I did this. I will attempt to tell you all about it… But this post may turn into just a little ramble then pictures. 
I’m writing from one of my favorite spots in Ubud- Atman Kafe. Megan and I found this spot the last trip and I’ve been looking forward to coming back (alghough now it is very far from my home stay). It’s only been two years, but it has changed so much! The seating area is much bigger and looking more commercial, but they still have the same great menu and comfy tables you can sit at on cushions. This is one of those places you could spend hours with several pots of tea and a blog post… Oh look!!

But I digress. Today’s tour- starred by being driven to a lunch spot outside of the busy downtown area where we enjoyed traditional Balinese food with a beautiful view. 

I mean, how lovely is that! 

Then It was just a a short drive to the start for our ride. Courtney, from Canada, and I were the only two on the tour, so of course we were having a blast. Hopping on our bikes, we definitely did not know what was in store!

(Word to the wise- don’t do bike tours in harem pants. You will inevitably rip the crotch and have to pick up a new pair before doing to dinner) (but you will look pretty darn cute… Win some loose some)

First stop was a holy water temple. Our guide told us all about the history and tradition. We were able to splash in the holy water then sat and took in the beauty. There was also no shortage of photo ops. As it was raining, there were far fewer people to get in the way!

Next up, we took off on the bikes for a famous wood carving shop and collection. Some of the carvings are insanely tall and everything g is done with incredible detail. I’m here for size comparisons!

It really is amazing.Then back on the road to what was about to become my favorite part- trekking through Tegallalang Rice Terrace. I’ll just leave some pictures here because I don’t have words right now to say how incredible it was…

By this time the rain was getting harder, but that didn’t stop us from biking through a path in a rice terrace and nearly falling into the rice many times… No pictures of that right now because it was really not ideal to be stopping and struggling to find the phone. This would have been the adventure to have a GoPro for! 
Ended with a very rainy walk through a coffee plantation and coffee tasting before letting the rain get the better of us and deciding to drive back into town. 

And well, here we are. Still sitting at Atman enjoy a juice and Avo & Fetta Toasties 

Keep up with the Bali fun on my Instagram! 

Till next time, 


Time Travel

Y’all voted for it, so here we go. 

Getting back on the blog (after way longer then I ever meant) to document some adventures– it’s November 27th (over here in Taiwan) and I’m Bali bound!! again 🙂
The quick and dirty backstory- I traveled to Bali two years ago and adored it. I’ve wanted to go back ever sense and well… It worked out! 

Bali is literally about as far away from New York as I can get. We are literally 12 hours different and down in a whole other hemisphere.  The first leg of my journey is a 16 hour flight from JFK to Taipei. You fly in darkness the who time, leaving New York just after midnight and landing at 5:30am basically 2 days later. It’s like time travel, I’ve basically skipped Monday the 26th!  It’s very cool once you settle in and surrender to the flight, if you will. You get three meals and basically live a whole day in the air! They change the lights and temperature in the cabin as the trip goes on. If you time it right, which I just about did this time, you can land without feeling toooo jet lagged and confused. I stayed up for the first 3 or so hours of the flight- getting through dinner and killing time with music and crossword puzzles (I forgot how good the whole Maroon 5 “V” album is, lol). Then pop a Unisom and it’s basically some sort of sleep for the next 6-8 hours. What a great way to pass all that time!

Wake up in time for more food and start to feel like a person again before its “seats in the upright and locked position with tray tables stowed” for final decent to Taiwan.  Leg 1 done. 

I’m flying China Aireays and it’s a lovely experience.  Decent food, pillows, wine, and music and movies that I actually want to spend my time with. 

That brings me to now…  Back in Airport World… Enjoying standing up and walking about… Get ready for the 5 hour flight down to Bali! 

So now, I might go change clothes and re-arrange my bag before this flight. Enjoy some pic from 30,000ft and check out my Instagram for even more pictures and videos (it’s all in the stories!)



Got my passport and I’m ready to fly!

Hi-ho Hi-ho, it’s off to the plane I go…

Settled in- eye mask for the win!

No flight would be complete without wine!

Deep in mid-flight thoughts…

5 Reasons to Have a Travel Buddy

My dearest friend Savannah recently posted a piece on the amazing perks and benefits of traveling solo.  Read it here and check out her entire blog while you are at it!

While I am fully on the same page, solo travel looks like it can be amazing, I thought why not take a few minutes to write a counter piece to hers?  Just for blogger fun and to show case another side of traveling.

My amazing roommate (and great friend) Megan and I have been taking to the skies quite a bit in the past few months.  While she has traveled solo, I have yet to leave the country on my own- one thing at a time!  Between our 10 day trip to Bali and our quick but exciting weekend excursion to Scotland, we have come across a lot of good reasons to travel with a trusted travel buddy.

1. Double check that packing list::  Traveling with someone means you both have a build in bag checker.  Are you notorious for overpacking?  Always forgetting the basics?  When you are packing for a trip with someone else you have the amazing added benefit of a second set of eyes that can go over and through what you packed and make sure you have all the basics (socks?  toothbrush?) and your are not over doing it (for a 3 day trip do you really need 5 pairs of pants?).

Knowing you have what you need makes every trip that much less stressful!

2.  Personal photographers::  As much fun as it is to take selfies at every scenic spot, or never be in your own pictures, or walk up to other travelers and ask then to take a picture of you… when you have a travel buddy, you can take turns getting just the right shot of each other.  You both have build in photographers!  Today so much of our lives are wrapped up in social media, how could you live if you didn’t post just the right shot on Instagram?


3.  Try new things::  As Savannah mentions in her post, when you are traveling solo there is no need to compromise on places you want to go, things you want to eat, mountains you want to hike, or scenes you want to see.  But on the other hand, when you travel with someone you can push each other to see new sights and try new things.  The borders of your comfort zone may be shifted a little, but usually it’s for the best and you may get a chance to explore something totally new that you never though of!  When we were in Bali, I may never have thought of taking a cooking class or swinging into a waterfall, but I did (thanks of Megan) and those may have been some of the highlights of the trip!

4.  Watching your back::   Safety in numbers.  And if you are traveling in a pair or group you are not alone.  Personally I have yet to have any sort of situation, but I feel more comfortable knowing I have someone who knows where I am and should I not come home, get hurt, or act to strange… it’s good to know someone should notice and take action.  Traveling with a buddy you also have someone to watch your bags when you stop to use the restroom or step into a fitting room.

5.  Second opinions::  “Now do you really need that shirt?  It’s like the other 2 you got yesterday…”  Yes, traveling with someone means you have someone to run decisions by.  Should we spend the day at another temple?  Do you need that shirt?  Maybe we should eat someplace else?  You have someone to bounce ideas off of and continue to push your boundaries a little.

Having a travel partner also means you can split checks, take turns thinking of plans and making arrangements, split the responsibilities of trip planning in general!

Megan and I have started taking turns picking our next travel destinations and that’s great too, cause I wouldn’t think of doing 10 days in Spain & Portugal (2018…?) and maybe she wouldn’t have thought of Bali, but we are sure glad we went!

OK, so your thoughts?  Travel solo, travel with a buddy?  Share your experiences and let’s see where we end up next!



Tips to Travel: Let’s Pack


Not one of my least favorite things, but not something I’m the best at either.  I always pack way to much and have a seriously heavy bag.   “But I don’t know what I’ll want!” I always say.  Or I’m traveling by car and can throw things in till the very last minute.  

Now I’m off on my second ever international trip and I figured it was time to talk about my travel bag and packing technique. 

I’m writing this from the Heathrow London airport, but let’s look back to packing for my Bali trip.

Well, this time it was different.  I get one carry on bag and I get to be in Indonesia for 10 days.

Pack light. Pack smart.

That’s the focus here today.  (Have I mentioned this is my first trip out of the country?  There are things to pack that I didn’t even think about at first, thank goodness for guide books!)

Well, where to begin.  Let’s start with the bag.  I’ve been saying this whole time I don’t want to be that little white girl tourist with my neon pink and orange Vera Bradly cotton duffle… so getting a new piece of travel luggage was essential.  I didn’t want wheels so backpack it was.  I talked to friends who travel more then I about brands and did my own online research into bags as well as retailers- to make the most informed, practical, and economical decision.  I settled on Osprey brand, the Porter series.  It’s a backpack that opens and packs like a suitcase (not rummaging to the bottom for things) and the straps can be tucked into a pocket so it turns into a duffle.  There are external pockets for easy access to travel essentials and electronics.  It’s water resistant and “Carry-On” approved size- for most major airlines- so basically everything I wanted in a bag.

What’s going in this fabulous thing?  Well packed clothes and toiletries specific to this trip.  As it’s December- it’s cold in New York and, ummhmm, Bali is in the tropics… so the seasonal clothing is very different.  I’m planning on purchasing a fair amount of things there- harem pants, sarongs, dresses- but some things- shoes, undergarments, yoga cloths- will be coming along from day one.  Toothbrush, toothpast, mouth wash, lotion, the works will all be neatly packed in my airline approved clear quart size bag.  I’m exploring something new for this trip- bar shampoo- to cut back on things that are liquids and save room, as well as bar soap.

I’ve been torn between using Packing Cubes or Vac-Pack bags to neatly fold and store clothes during this trip, or just kinda throwing stuff in and hoping for the best.  … Ok, no I wouldn’t do that, but is it worth it?  Packing Cubes- they come in different sizes and neatly hold your clothes- which can be sorted by style and size.  The cubes usually fit neatly together in the bottom of your bag and can be stacked with ease.  Vac-Pack bags are a serious space saver.  Even if you think you are packing and folding tightly- get clothes in one of these things and roll or “vac” out all that extra air- and it’s like you have nothing in your bag.  They can lay flat in the bottom of a bag and a zip-lock like quick release makes it easy to access your things.

I guess we shall see and I’ll be telling ya’ll about it when I decided!

(Ultimately I went with one Vac-Pack bag and one storage cube. Everything else just neatly folded)

Let’s talk electronics and chargers for a hot second.  No, computer will not be making the trip, iPad is a maybe.  Phone, does anyone travel anywhere without one anymore?  For all devices, remember your charger and cords!  Not all electrical plugs are the same- so an international charging converter is a MUST.  

I took a page out of Savannah’s play both here, and got a cute but inexpensive little bag for all my chords and chargers.  This way they can all be in one place and easy to get to.    In general I like to separate things into their own little bag, then nothing is just loose in the large compartment of my main bag.

Guide books and maps will be coming along, of course, as well as a journal.  

The more I’ve begun to travel, the easier it has become to pack appropriately and neatly.  I’m off to Scotland for 3 days, so I’ve packed much lighter then Bali but I’m still ready for adventure.
I’ll post Live From Edinburgh once I’m there!


10K- Halloween Edition

Sleepy Hollow is known as the home of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, haunted grave yards, beautiful trees, and plenty Halloween spirit… and of the Riverside Runners Sleepy Hollow 10K.

Yup, one last race before the Marathon, and a seasonal one was in order.  The historic village is just a little 30 minute drive from my front door, so perfect for a Saturday race.  Where to start in the days events? img_8279

Sense this was not an NYRR or NYC Runs event, the race numbers were not conveniently located on the Upper West side for me to pick up while on a stroll after work.  No fear! Megan is here!  This time her job was a hop skip and jump from packet pickup, so she took care of that for all runners in our party.  Races in the cooler seasons usually mean long sleeved race shirts and this one was no different.  (I’m now a proud finisher and owner of a very orange are shirt).

Weather this time of year can be unpredictable and change in the blink of an eye.  Pre-race evening= cool and breeze.  Race Day= grey, windy, and rainy!  Like not pouring-can’t-see-the-road-ahead rainy, but like my-shoes-are-gonna-be-soaked-before-we-even-start rainy.  And did I mention cold?  Incase you missed that, it was wet, windy, and cold!  But we’ve all run in worse and to quote a course volunteer from a past race, “you look so much more bad-ass running in the rain!”

img_8276 So morning of, layered up and ready to go we hop in the car and head to Sleepy Hollow.  The weather definitely made the start line a little messy and confusing.  Everyone was huddled up under store front awnings or strategically held umbrellas.  The energy felt low until we saw the Headless Horseman heading our way (I’ll leave out the part where we saw the rider getting in costume and no he wasn’t holding a pumpkin), but as he lead the way to the starting line and we all fell in behind, it felt like we were heading off on an adventure and the rain, rather then be an annoyance, was all part of the experience.  The gun sounded and the horse reared.  Nothing but scenic Hudson River views, colorful wet leaves, steep hills, haunted turns, and costumed characters stood in our way.

I could tell right away this was a community event.  Starting out on the “seed yourself” course, everyone was talking and chatting, stopping to take pictures and going way to fast to maintain a pace the whole event.  But once we were about a mile into the course, and out of the downtown area, races set in and runners spread out, hunkering in and assessing the terrain.  Front lawns were decorated with signs of haunting encouragement (Don’t stop, something might be gaining on you! and Run for your life!) and families were out to cheer us on.  Race course support was dressed to impress, or scare, and the Horseman made another appearance- waiting for us around a tight turn.

The course… hilly.  Hilly, so hilly, that’s really all I can say.  Beautiful but hilly!  There were moments I had to wonder, as I approached yet another steep incline and had to crane my neck and look almost straight up, HOW am I going to make it up this one??  There were some times when just as you thought you were at the top and flattening out, there would be a second tier to tackle before downhill even became an option!  I’ll fully admit, there were hills I had to power walk up, not necessarily because I was fatigued, or because a walk/run strategy is what I will be using for the marathon, but because I’m actually not sure if my little legs would be able to run up some of the hills we faced.

Then of course- what does up, must come down!  I cane definitely say I was more intimidated by the uphills but fearful of the down.  Leaves and pine needles are treacherous as they are when on the road.  Add in the rain and downhills could easily become a painful slip-and-slide.  Taking a slower pace and accurate footing ensured I didn’t take a tumble. img_8285

I felt like the miles flew by, which was also a relief as struggling through 6.2 miles would not have been a good sign right before tackling 26.2…  There were beautiful views of the Hudson River and the excitement of the conditions to take my mind off everything else.  The finish line, I knew would be exciting.  We passed it on the way out of town and it was at the top of a small but intense little hill (OMG did I mention the course was hilly?).  Once I could see it, all of the excitement powered me up and across!

What gets me is when spectators shout “It’s all downhill from here!” when it’s DEFINITELY NOT and “You can see the finish” when you DEFINITELY CAN’T.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the support, but in the moment of the race, what they say and what I experience are not the same.  Of course they can’t know that I don’t appreciate what they are saying, but what is “just around the next turn” to a spectator can be a lot longer for a runner.

I digress, race spectators will be race spectators.  And no race would be the same without their support.

img_8283Finishing!  I finished right were I wanted to be, at 1:10.  By then the rain had let up (for the time being) and the wind picked up.  I felt cold again!  It wasn’t till mile 3 that I could feel all my fingers and of course slowing down meant getting cold all over again… but our Brunch reservations kept me going as did the thought of getting OUT of my wet layers!

After brunch the car ride home was made even better by the blasting heat that blew right on my cold, tired, still kinds damp footsies and the thought os nothing else standing in my way of a nap.

The important things to a runner!

What is your favorite seasonal race or race day story?  Share here!



My Office for the Day

Ask me a few years ago and I never would have thought I’d have a desk in an office at my job.  Nope, I was sure I’d be chained to a front desk and retail space forever and I dreamed that I would be on a stage someplace.  But a while ago, that changed and I have a cozy (albeit not the most comfortable) desk, chair, drawers, and computer with my tack strip filled with schedules and various sticky-notes from friends and coworkers with words of encouragement.

I work that pretty classic 5 days a week and try to avoid work on my day’s off at all costs.  Actually, not only do I try to avoid work on my days off, I try to avoid dealing with all people.

Yeah, I suppose that could sound strange but it’s amazing how worn down I get being bright and smily day in and day out.

But how would I get work done on this blog or research my trip to Bali or plan dinner for that matter?  If I stay in the apartment all day and nap(?), cause well- I’ve earned that!  At least one of my 2 days off is dedicated to NOT interacting with people unless I want to.


Enter my second office… my office away from the office… my work space without being my job… my local cafe!   It’s so close that if I didn’t go there it would be a crime.  Once a week or so I pack up my little computer and notebooks with calendars and I wander down the stairs and out the door of my building, across the street and into the air-conditioned bliss that is ChocNYC cafe.  Come for the coffee and pastries, stay for the cool clean environment, community, and work space.  I love that there is no internet.  I can write without distractions and let the thoughts happen.  I can enjoy being out of my apartment but not having to interact with many people, I can just be and let the world happen around me in this little oasis.  I get to feel like a part of a community, my local community, without getting on the train.

I’m becoming a regular.  Something I’ve always wanted in New York.  To have a place where they know my name and my order before I even walk in.  Where I can relax but be distant.  I’ve found that and it’s become my weekend office.  People of all ages and backgrounds come and go.  Placing orders, drinking coffee, staying to talk or dashing to work.  It’s a place to mingle and converse… the perfect place for me to write.

This little cafe, opened about 4 months ago and trust me, there will be a whole post or two devoted to the owners, location, and delicious treats.  But for now, as I sip on my second iced coffee and debate whether to draft another post for later or go to the grocery store for dinner provisions, I’m just going to enjoy and with our questions, enjoy the office.


Do you have an office away from the office?  Where do you go to read, write, and be inspired in your community?



New York Mini- 10k in Review

I think I should start right off by stating that this race was a hot one.  No, I don’t mean hot like all us runner look good (although we do, but usually not while running) I mean this race, held early June in New York’s Central Park, heats up and is known as the first ever, longest running, women’s 10K.

Welcome to a flash back review of the 2016 New York Mini 10K

My race calendar this year has not been full of duplicate races, save for this one.  In 2015 I ran is shortly after completing 2 half marathons within four weeks of each other, so I was well trained but tired.  Yes, I completed the run in 2015… yes I have the medal on my wall… but the 2016 Mini quickly made it onto the race list so that I could redeem myself in this race.  Did I do that?  I’m not really sure, but at least I completed it again and coming from a better place.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s talk race.

Hosted by the NYRR in Central Park- everything pre race is quick and easy.  Packet pickup, held the whole week before race day, is only blocks from work on the Upper Wests Side.  What a better way to spend my break on a Tuesday then to trot up the street for race numbers and shirts?!  Then Saturday morning the start line is a simple subway ride away by Columbus Circle, easy.  We shut down the streets, with queuing taking up the sidewalks and street, and the first leg of the race going straight up Central Park West.  It’s very empowering to see the pavement live with female runners of all shapes and sizes, young and old from all over the city, the state, the country, and the world coming together to run.  The colors?  You guessed it- black and pink all the way.  And somewhere in this sea of tutus, ribbons, cheers, armbands, and shoes there is little old me.  Charging along just fine for the early first half feeling good to be taking on this race again.

Last year, I came into the race tired and dehydrated.  I passed up water stations, lost my headphones, saw another runner pass out in front of me, and then decided to walk the back half before the finish.  I finished the race unharmed and no worse for wear but I knew I could do better and needed to prove it- to no one other then myself.

So we are back to the now, and me making my way (at my happy 10:42 minute mile pace) up CPW and turning into the park at the 96th St. entrance.  The first 2 miles, no problem.  Mile 3, we have thinned out and paced out which makes it easier to enjoy the scenery- meaning the lovely hills of Central Park that we have all trained on a few too many times and have an endless love/hate relationship with.

But where are we?  About half way through, and as the sun creeps further into the sky, the cool morning air is giving way to the summer heat.  Thank goodness for water stations by each mile marker as runners were “dropping like flies”- pulling over to walk or pour cold water on their heads, and push through to the finish (but things year, thank goodness, I didn’t actually see anyone fall or pass out from the heat).  I had a rough go from miles 4-5.5, walking periodically and feeling overheated already, but I knew I felt better then last year and that I was almost done.  I could finish and finish strong.

That’s something I love about the running community.  For people like me, the only person you are “racing” is yourself.  The only person to challenge you and give you a PR to break is yourself.  So if you have to walk- you walk.  You need a pep talk?  Ok- so stop and give yourself that pep talk, rev yourself up and watch yourself fly!  At the heart of things, only you know how you are doing, how you are feeling, what you need, and how you are going to end things… so do it for yourself and get yourself to that finish line however you need to.

And that’s what I was doing as I revved myself up for the last mile or so if this race.  Also knowing in my head that this is the last little bit of the marathon, so I should be running it.  Which only got easier as I approached the finish line.  Why is it that we runners are so obsessed with the bling that awaits us?

That’s a really good questions for another post!  LOL

I’ll wrap up by saying that while I stopped to walk and drink water, I slowed my pace and kept breathing, I finished the 2016 New York Mini 10K feeling better then the year before and feeling thrilled to receive my medal and carnation upon crossing the finish line.

Taking on a challenging race… knowing it will be a challenging race can be difficult.  Because so much about running is mental, it’s easy to psych yourself out… but if you keep focused and strong, placing one foot in front of the other you will succeed and have memories to share for years to come!

Well, till next year… and maybe tackling another Mini 10K!



TBT- Mind over Madness

With National Yoga Day (June 21st) and  the Summer Solstice (June 20th) both happening in the same week, the yoga and mindful fitness community was all a buzz.   I thought this TBT  would be the perfect time to share the amazing experience I had participating in the 14th Annual “Mind over Madness- Solstice in Times Square” yoga classes.   Yup, you read that right- a celebration of summer event that shuts down one of the busiest interesting in the country and offers free yoga classes to those willing to inhale and exhale together.

I had heard about this extraordinary event sense I moved to the city, but it never fit into my schedule until this year.  Basically, check your schedule and tell your boss you need the morning off or that you will be leaving work early.   Once you sign up for the information emails all you need to do is wait for the classes to open and register for the one you want!  I am very lucky that 1. I work in yoga and have a relatively flexible schedule and 2. my boss wanted to take class too!!!  So it was totally work related.



Normally I’m a New Yorker in that you practically have to pay me to go anywhere near Times Square, but I braved it for this once a year event.  I was in for an early class on a weekday, so most of the tourists were still in bed when I got up and out to adventure to class.





Met up with my boss a few blocks away from the event and strategically entered from the East on 46th Street.  Tickets in hand we lined up, chatted, selfies, and accepted the mat and goodie bag from GIAIM/Times Square Alliance/and other sponsors.

Sense we like to be early, when we got to set up for class, we were in the second row!  Like right there in front of the teacher and the media!




We also caught up with one of the founders of this event- Douglas- who is also a teacher at Yogaworks.  The family just kept growing and there were tons of members in the crowd for class too.  It was fun to see and be seen out supporting the yoga community and representing our studio and teachers.


As we know, I appreciate yoga… but I’m not a big fan of the practice.  That’s right, I work in “yoga” but really prefer “fitness”… but they go hand in hand so it’s just fine.

However, nothing could prepare me for nor make me forget the beauty, energy, and totally spectacular experience that was taking my yoga practice from the studio to the center of New York City.

We were surrounded by noises, people, buildings, traffic, smells, and dirt BUT when you looked up it was blue sky, when you breathed in it was (relatively) fresh air, when you silenced your mind it was a calm in the storm.

I think my favorite part was savanna, at the end of class when we all lay there still and it looks really easy (but it’s not).  It’s not my favorite because I got to lay down, no it’s my favorite because I got to look up!  Several minutes to be still, to be in the moment, and to gaze deeply into the blue sky of the morning were all mine.  To take in all around me- the breeze, the light, the people, the cars, the energy- and to let it take me in.  This you could not replace or replicate in any yoga studio. 

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Kinda thought it would be easier to explain in pictures!  But even the best picture and caption would not be able to sum up this experience.  Will I be participating next year, quite possibly.  Will I recommend this to friends, of course.  Will it be something I remember for a very long time, most definitely!


Where is the most extraordinary or unique place you have taken your practice?   Comment below and share your stories!





Monday Morning

That’s what it is here in New York today.  The humidity and heat of summer is in full swing as we head into a heat wave that will be lasting for… well, we just won’t talk about that right now.

It’s 10am on a summer Monday morning and I’m just enjoying coffee and the little breeze through the living room window.

Are you sick, Christiane?  Why… how are you still home at 10 on a Monday?

Yes, I ask myself that occasionally, as I’m sure others do.  But gone are the days of waking up at 5:30am to commute to work, ping-pong between jobs, and finally arrive back home around 11pm just to collapse on the bed and to it all over again a few hours later.

Sometimes I can’t believe I have a full time job that has an accommodating schedule and is somewhat fulfilling and rewarding.  I’ve been climbing the rungs on the proverbial ladder-   I’ve been with this company 3 years June and stuck it out (even when it seemed like the end) so a promotion came with open arms.  That’s not to say it’s all fun and games.  It’s a total retraining, relearning, re-strategizing process.

I work in sales.  No, not retail so much anymore.  Not hospitality,  although my Southern charm has come in hand way to many times.  Sales.  Membership sales.  Sales of an intangible practice at lofty prices.

Sure, I can talk about the value and benefits all day long.  I can put you in the right class again and again and know you are enjoying it.  But then comes asking.  Asking for or assuming the sale.  It’s not like selling a pair of shorts– OK, these fit and they look good.  I need shorts, cause it’s warming up and all.  Great, I’ll buy these shorts.  I know they are what I want and I know I will have immediate use for them.

It’s not exactly the same process for a membership.  “Would you like to continue your practice with us?”  Sure, maybe I would… but I’m traveling and what if I get hurt and can’t take class or I get busy with work and never make it in for the classes I want.  I’m sure I will enjoy it, but I want to come 3 times a week and I know I won’t be able to any time soon…  Wait, it’s now much?  Will I be coming enough to justify spending that?

I hear it every day.  Smiles and Southern flair only get you so far.  And that’s where my biggest challenge lies…  in the new uncharted unknown.

I’ve also found myself so much more immersed in the business… the numbers game of a large company.  The stat reports and corresponding percentages are suddenly something I check and actively participate in every day.

So why am I writing about this as I sip my coffee and procrastinate putting on stretchy pants and a blouse for work?  1.  Because I thought my fabulous blog community would be interested in what I do.  and 2. Because of the newest book I picked up the other day for summer reading.

While browsing the shelves of Barnes and Noble on 80 something and Broadway I picked up my usual- the latest edition of Women’s Running, another book on the cosmos, Origins by Neil DeGras Tyson, a book recently turned major motion picture that was recommended by a good friend, Wild, and then I found myself in the Business Management section.  Here I was drawn to a book bearing the Starbucks logo– Onward; How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul, by the company CEO Howard Schultz.

I don’t know what it was about the book or the moment, but I had to have it.  Will it unlock some hidden secret about working in a corporate company?  Maybe… I have no idea.  All I know is I haven’t been able to put it down.  My train commute is now something to look forward to rather then hold off on a long as possible.

While I’m not very far into it yet, a section of Onward stuck with me and I will leave you with it.


“There are moments in our lives when we summon the courage to make choices that go against reason, against common sense and the wise counsel of people we trust.  But we lean forward nonetheless because, despite all risks and rational argument, we believe that the path we are choosing in the right and best thing to do.  We refuse to be bystanders, even if we do not know exactly where our actions will lead.”