On Wine: Pinot Gris Reserve Willm 2013

Let’s start this Monday off right… with wine.

Starting a new wine series titled “One Wine”- A series of short write ups on the latest open bottle in the apartment and various top finds!  Here is this week’s edition of “On Wine”, hot off the presses…

We’ve all had a cheap Pinot Grigio. It’s light, crisp and generally refreshing but overall is pretty unexciting. There are some great examples out there but most of the bottles in the generic twenty-something’s price range will just be ok. On the other hand, there’s Pinot Gris. Same grape, but coming from the low yielding vineyards in Alsace. In general, Pinot Gris is a little more perfumed and much more complex than its Italian cousin. It’ll have some of the same citrus and steely notes that we know from Pinot Grigio but will go beyond the primary flavors.


This one has a lovely floral nose with hints of pear and citrus. There’s little bit of a spicy, savory note that is reminiscent of sage and ginger as the wine develops in the glass.  It’s still plenty acidic but less biting with some honeysuckle and the barest hit of sweetness to balance it. To be clear, this is still a dry wine. There’s possibly a little residual sugar but not enough to make this off-dry. Overall it has good balance, great flavor development and definitely worth the $13.

This is super food friendly when not being enjoyed just as a summertime sipper. We had this with Poulet a l’Estragon but spicy Asian cuisine is also a great go to pairing. The slight amount of sweetness and acidity helps cut through the burning of really good Drunken Noodles.


Enjoy your week, friends!





On Wine: Il Mimo 2014

Well friends, summer is upon us in NYC!  And summer means rosé.

You read that right– rosé season is upon us and it’s taken very seriously in this apartment.  Here again, from the desk(top) of the Wine & Food contributing writer, our first rosé review of the summer.

I love rosé. And I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when the bins of pink wines start appearing in the front of the local wine shop. Besides the fact that it means summer is coming, its bright, young, lovely and refreshing and exactly what the warmer weather calls for. IMG_7116

Sometimes all the barely pink wines start to run together and it just starts to be one strawberry and slightly steely wine after another. This one is a little bolder than most and it definitely looks it. A deep, deep pink color makes it stand out when surrounded by its paler friends and comes from a fairly long maceration time for a rosé. It’s based on the same grape that makes the superstars Barolo and Barbaresco: Nebbiolo. It’s a unique grape that isn’t in your typical rosé, which to me automatically makes it cool to me. Slightly fuller bodied but still light and easy to sip on when it’s hot and humid. With more bright cherry, raspberry and riper strawberry that make it incredibly easy to drink. A little bit of savory flavors kick in at the end with a little hint of anise. Slightly more tannic as well which makes it quite well structured.

We enjoyed some Trader Joes Flatbread Pizzas with this, but it’s pretty easy drinking and food friendly.


So what are you chilling and enjoying this summer?

Let us know here and when you get the chance, try the Il Mimo 2014 and let us know what you think!