What it’s All About

Welcome to my blog-  Run. Live. Love.

This page may be the hardest to write, but in the end probably the most important.  It’s the welcome page, the introduction and explanation section.  Here you can quickly find an “About the Author” and descriptions of the different Post Categories!   Running blog posts will appear in the HOME page and you can always use the search of category selection to find past articles.

~I’m so excited you are joining me here and sharing in a forum inspiration!~


How is one supposed to introduce themselves on a blog?  In a stuffy uptight cover letter sort of way- To whom it may concern, my name is Christiane, I am an active 20-something living and working in NYC… blah blah?  Or in a causal sense, like a text to a close friend- Hey there!  It’s been a while, I’m keeping busy with running and training while working full-time in the fitness world!

And in that, I think you get to know me.  Christiane— an avid runner, certified Pilates instructor, foodie, wine lover, slightly sarcastic cat loving fitness lifestyle buff who is taking on this blog to share training adventures, workout tips, recipes and wine pairings, self care ideas, and so much more with a community of likeminded friends.

I want to encourage you, my dear readers, to get up and tackle your first 5K or pamper yourself with fresh flowers on your day off.  I want to create a community and dialogue to share and support one another.  I know I could do this through an established company like Beachboy or something, but I don’t want the pressure- I want to write what I feel and share things as they come.

So with that (I can get long winded, so trying to keep the intro short and sweet) I leave you to enjoy these first few posts and hopefully spread the work about this little blog, but even more then that- I hope to inspire you to try something new and enjoy the journey.




Running & Fitness

These posts will focus on my journey to the 2016 New York City Marathon and beyond.  It promises some fun running tips, cross training ideas and exercises, Q&A’s with fellow runners and fitness enthusiasts, and much more!

Running is close to my heart for many reasons.  I hope to share what I love (and why) and encourage others to explore their local park, sign up for their first 5K or marathon, and share their fitness passions.

I like to say that “nothing about running is cute” but it’s hard to share the hard work- blood, sweat, and tears.  On the other hand, it’s epic to share the accomplishments and to hear from a friend how you inspired then to pursue something new!

Keep as eye on this page for all this and more.  Spring races are just around the corner and spring training is in full swing!  So keep your eyes open for all kinds of fun!




Let’s be honest, these posts will encompass quite a bit!  From self care and spa ideas to city adventures and DIY projects.  As a physically active young adult who works full time, I’m learning more and more the importance of taking time to pamper myself and enjoy it- guilt free.

Living in a walking city where you carry everything you need for the day all over, pay an arm and a leg for a room in an apartment that you hardly get to be in cause you work so much to afford it, sometimes the best thing is a long bath and a peaceful nap.

Posts will be a hodgepodge of bath bombs, salt scrubs, coconut oil, face masks, flowers, decorations and accents, projects, books, music, outings, and events are just a few of the fun things I plan to cover here!


Wine & Food

Doesn’t that title say it all?!  Posts written and tagged in this category will feature some of the amazing dishes and exquisite wines that come through my apartment.  Pairing ideas, tasting notes, recipes, and more will be here.

I won’t be alone when it comes to wine selections and writing about them-  My roommate (and personal wine expert) Megan will be the official co-writing and reference for these posts.  Together we will bring you our apartment favs, splurges, unique finds and much more.

If there is a wine you would like to see on the site, let us know and we will look for it!






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