Tips to Travel:: Travel Bug

Travel Bug:  A strong desire to travel and see new places… It’s almost as bad a the flu!

Ok, maybe not the flu, but sense I returned from Bali back in December, I’m dying to take to the skies again and go someplace new (which as we know is just about anywhere for me).  So of course Megan and I started a list.  A list of places we would like to go and things to do, which includes but it not limited too Spain and Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, England, and many more.

As I picked Bali as a long trip, Megan get to pick next- and it’s decided -Spain and Portugal will be the next extended trip (within the next year-ish, fingers crossed)!

But what do you do when your very dear friend is hostel hopping and performing around Europe and you want to get out of the cold bleak winter of New York?   You pick a city on their tour, book a quick flight and a nearby hostel, tell your job your are taking a long weekend, and find your travel duffel.  #EdinburghBound

The Travel Bug can be contagious.  You see other people traveling and taking amazing pictures and having wonderful times and you just HAVE to get in on the action!  (Have you checked out my friend Savannah and her blog while she hops around Europe?)

Travel with friends so you have someone to take all this great pics of you and to enjoy a morning coffee with.

Travel in the off season if you are looking for better rates and don’t book the first flight you find, check for different deals and airlines.  Deals are out there if you are willing to take the time to hunt. has become my best friend when it comes to looking and booking accommodations.  Don’t go for those main stream hotels, staying in a hostel or home-stay will save you money AND give you an amazing way to connect to the people, country, and culture you are visiting!



Remember your guide book!  (I promise this will be a whole post on it’s own sometime soon), but when you are headed out on an adventure it’s always good to have one in your back pocket.  Preferably a guide book that has been read, dog-eared, and loved on a little.


You can catch this bug fast and symptoms can include irritability, wonder, feeling frigidity, and a strong desire to do something kinda drastic… like cut or dye your hair, buy something big, or… wait for it… TRAVEL TO A NEW PLACE! 😀

Where are you headed on your next grand adventure?  We are all ears!





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