Live from Bali

In case you were unsure, we made it to Bali! 

While I was supposed to write  post on packing (Tips to Travel:: Savvy Packer) and one on getting through the airport (Tips to Travel:: Up Up and Away) I was actually packing and getting through immigration… So those posts will come to you eventually. BUT,as I’ve been in Bali now 2 days of this 9 day trip, I thoug it would be a great time to check in and give all you fabulous people a little look at what I’ve been up to!

Yesterday, first official full day here in Ubud, was dedicated to getting out bearings and walking about. That was till yours truly got sick cause she had not been drinking enough water and then decided to go walking about (lesson learned day one, should make for a good trip). So after fetching a lot of water and coffee and carbs… What to do?   A 6 hour spa afternoon? Yes, a 6 hour spa afternoon sounds like the perfect cure to jet lag and exhaustion… That will include Sea Salt foot wash, aromatherapy massage, Royal Javanese scrub of lulur ayu, milk bath, facial, hair cream bath, mani, pedi, healthy juice, and MORE! 

Our amazing home stay (more on this later) has several complexes around the area and this includes the spa. Being able to book this basically from our room and then walk over was to great. Of course until we got stuck in the afternoon downpour and then got kinda lost on the wrong street to get to the spa. But once we were there, all I can say is pure amazing relaxations and reguvination. 

I mean, who would not want to soak in an outdoor tub full of flowers while listening to the rain!?

yup, that was pretty much my day and I feel so much better afterwards.
Today was up with the sun to go hike the Campuhan Ridge. I found this trail in my guide books (read and trust your guidebooks!!! OMG this will be a whole post on its own but seriously) and on various Bali Instagram pages that I follow. I remember back in July sitting in the studio waiting for TRX class to start and reposting a picture of this trail, now I have my own pics and I could not be more in love with this landscape. Trekking through fields of elephant grass and rice paddies with views of temples and mountains in the distance made for a breathtaking although very sweaty morning.  (No filter on photos). 

We hiked with a backpack for water and the guide book a sell as a smal first aid kit and cash. Sunscreen (take it seriously ) was applied before leaving and coffee was had at the end.   

If we wanna talk about weather for a second, it’s the beginning of the rainy season down here and afternoon thunderstorm are a thing.  I finally got to sit quietly and read a pleasure book while listening to the rain fall and not feel rushed or stressed. I could nap periodically and enjoy overly minute of it!  I’m not gonna lie, wifi bee isn’t the best and uploading pics is very challenging, but if you  bop on over to my Instagram account, @nychristiane, there should be some live stories and pics that didn’t make it here right now.  

Once the rain subsided enough it was time to find food and there is no shortage of options! Basically every type of cuisine you could want or imagine is located here and you can walk up and down street looking at everything.  Each place offers a different atmosphere and view. 
The day was ended with a Vinyasa yoga class and I’m just going to state for the record that I will neve ever again take my yoga studio and company onthe upper west side of New York City for granted again.  I’m sure I will write a post about the experiences at this particular yoga studio in Ubud Bali one day in the future, but for now I’m still undecided and don’t want to portray anything in the heat of the moment sort of thing.
And now, while you all are waking up and staring your days, I’m calling it a night. Tomorrow promises to be an early morning and full of new adventures! 

Stay tuned!