Fall in the City

The slightest hint of morning chill is in the air.

The Pumpkin Spice is wafting from every block.

The running trails are starting to be covered in colorful leaves.

It’s about to be that time— Fall Season in New York City.


If you know me well, you would know that I usually love summer heat and absolutely don’t love winter cold.  But I’ll be honest ya’ll- this summer was rough and I’m actually looking forward to the Fall season!

What is there to look forward to, you may ask?  Well, let’s see!

Can we start with the clothes?!

Boots, skinny jeans, hats, scarves…. you name it.  New Yorkers are great at fall fashion.  It’s that perfect season before winter when the whole city is buttoned up tight in a black pea coat and boots.  It’s a cozy look that continues to exude class and sophistication while you are basically wearing a blanket all day.  Hats are big, especially a nice black felt wide brim… and then there is my fav- the slouchy look that doubles a great way to keep your hair up.

Oh, and scarves!  I think everyone wears a scarf in NYC in the fall.  But not the same old warm water resistant scarves… I mean the pretty accent scarves that yes, can break the wind and add a slight layer or warmth on a brisk day.  But basically they are the outfit.  You can pretty much wear the same jeans, books, and black shirt every day– just dress it up and change the look with a different scarf each day and who would know?  Then, as winter begins to edge in- those beautiful infinity wrap scarves can double as a sweater before you actually out on another layer.

From the ground up (think Han Solo in the original Star Wars Trilogy), knee high leather boots (classic black or brown are the most popular) over every wash of skinny jean you can imagine and you have the New York fall season fashion staple.    Don’t feel like jeans today? That’s cool- tuck a pair of leggings into those boots and you are set to go.  wanderer-2-of-3

Blouses and sweaters… this is where I get stuck… and that’s not a good sign.  But New Yorkers wear it all- here fashion runs the gamut— from flannel to fleece, collars to crew necks, wide knit to turtle neck, solid to plaid.  Layering is key- have a tank or T under that sweater for added warmth and as long as you can mix and match within the fall color pallet chances are pretty good you will fit right in.  When in doubt, get it in black.  Looking to brighten things up?  Look for maroon, gold, brown, maybe some forest green.

And look how perfectly that leads us into another favorite part of the Fall Season.  While the fashion staple may always be black, the city goes from green to orange and gold in the blink of an eye.  Leaves begin to change and blanket the city while pumpkins and gourds begin to fill the shelves of grocery stores.  Store fronts fold up the floral prints that are quickly replaced by black cats, witches, and turkey table spreads.  And of course, thanks to Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on everyone’s mind (even if the daily temps. are still in the upper 80’s).  From mother nature to the sons and daughters of industry, no one is behind when it comes to making you want it to be the perfectly crisp fall day!

Basically it looks like and smells like cinnamon, apples, and leaves (well, it would smell like that if we were down in the North Georgia mountain in a pumpkin patch, but we are not and the city itself never really smells good…so we take that part back and it’s mostly in your head).

That’s not to say there isn’t some incredibly fun and unique fall activities happening.

img_5630Fall can mean the end of long sunny day, but we hardly say goodbye to outdoor adventures.  Now is the time to pack up for a hike or find a corn maze.  Get out of the taxi grid locked avenues and go apple picking or horse back riding instead.  Wrap up and enjoy the roof top bars and film screenings before ice skating and hot coco take over.  Head just north a little bit and you find Sleepy Hollow… plenty of Halloween and Fall traditions here!

If we are talking about running, well what’s on all of our minds?   Mornings are cool and while it gets dark earlier, there are plenty of hours of daylight, less humidity, quieter trails, spirited Halloween runs, and the NYC marathon that is just around the corner… whether your are running, walking, cheering or sleeping… you can’t deny the energy, anticipation and excitement.

We also put behind us the summer horror of sweltering subway platforms and un air-conditioned train cars that have plagued the city for months, while certainly not rushing the onslaught of the inevitable winter slush puddles of unknown depths that will be rampant later.  Now is the time to enjoy not having to pack extra clothes because you have sweat through the first set or wonder if you will freeze later without more layers.

What are you enjoying most this fall season?





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