My Office for the Day

Ask me a few years ago and I never would have thought I’d have a desk in an office at my job.  Nope, I was sure I’d be chained to a front desk and retail space forever and I dreamed that I would be on a stage someplace.  But a while ago, that changed and I have a cozy (albeit not the most comfortable) desk, chair, drawers, and computer with my tack strip filled with schedules and various sticky-notes from friends and coworkers with words of encouragement.

I work that pretty classic 5 days a week and try to avoid work on my day’s off at all costs.  Actually, not only do I try to avoid work on my days off, I try to avoid dealing with all people.

Yeah, I suppose that could sound strange but it’s amazing how worn down I get being bright and smily day in and day out.

But how would I get work done on this blog or research my trip to Bali or plan dinner for that matter?  If I stay in the apartment all day and nap(?), cause well- I’ve earned that!  At least one of my 2 days off is dedicated to NOT interacting with people unless I want to.


Enter my second office… my office away from the office… my work space without being my job… my local cafe!   It’s so close that if I didn’t go there it would be a crime.  Once a week or so I pack up my little computer and notebooks with calendars and I wander down the stairs and out the door of my building, across the street and into the air-conditioned bliss that is ChocNYC cafe.  Come for the coffee and pastries, stay for the cool clean environment, community, and work space.  I love that there is no internet.  I can write without distractions and let the thoughts happen.  I can enjoy being out of my apartment but not having to interact with many people, I can just be and let the world happen around me in this little oasis.  I get to feel like a part of a community, my local community, without getting on the train.

I’m becoming a regular.  Something I’ve always wanted in New York.  To have a place where they know my name and my order before I even walk in.  Where I can relax but be distant.  I’ve found that and it’s become my weekend office.  People of all ages and backgrounds come and go.  Placing orders, drinking coffee, staying to talk or dashing to work.  It’s a place to mingle and converse… the perfect place for me to write.

This little cafe, opened about 4 months ago and trust me, there will be a whole post or two devoted to the owners, location, and delicious treats.  But for now, as I sip on my second iced coffee and debate whether to draft another post for later or go to the grocery store for dinner provisions, I’m just going to enjoy and with our questions, enjoy the office.


Do you have an office away from the office?  Where do you go to read, write, and be inspired in your community?




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