Can Short Hair be Sexy?


Short hair.

Yup, you read that right.

Can short hair be sexy?

I suppose I should start off my saying- flat out- that I have cut all my hair off.

Ok, no not all of it, but I cut off a good foot of length last week and now have hair above my shoulders.  (NOTE:  not a pixie or bob cut).

I’ve had very long hair most of my life.  Every once in a while I go and cut it short for a “change” and find it long again a few years later.  I’ve found that I’m very often defined by my long hair and that others often have more of a connection to it then I do.  I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I hear “Oh it’s so pretty”, “You can braid your own hair?!”, “I can never grow my hair that long, it breaks off.  You are so lucky.”, “You can do so many beautiful up-dos with such long hair”, “I just want to play with your hair, it’s so long!”.  And the list can go on.

Do you get the idea?  Basically all people see is the cascading mane of thick hair and never all the work that goes in to keeping it that way.  The washing and rinsing and combing then drying and brushing followed by styling and pinning.  Not to mention the unpinning and brushing then braiding before bed.  Or the sweaty tangled mess (really there is no other word for it) after a summer training run.

Long hair is like a pet.  It must be cared for and trained or tamed from time to time.  It must be washed and brushed regularly, but not to much or it gets dry and frizzy.  You must set aside enough time to give it attention in the morning other wise it will be a pain the rest of the day.  It gets a lot of attention from others, especially when worn down— like a fluffy Pomeranian puppy— everyone wants to touching and play with it, to run their fingers through it and usually twist it into some bun… paying little attention to the head to which the hair is affixed, which is often put through a lot of pain as tangles are attacked by greasy fingers.  But no one want’s it for themselves.

What long hair get attention for the most (I’ve found) is being sexy, romantic, and feminine.  Yes, it looks amazing when professionally tied and twisted into a braided bun up-do with crystal accents and a formal ball gown.  Yes, all the famous princesses of fairy tales have long flowing hair that flawlessly flows behind them as they wonder through the forest or ride off into the sunset with their handsome prince charming.  And yes, it looks gorgeous gently falling over the curves of ones body and onto the pillow for a partner to stroke softly… patiently.

But that’s not all real life!

When was the last time you need to wear a ball gown out and about or paid for a professional up-do?  Have you ever had your long hair get caught in a tree or had to pull bits of leaves from it after an outdoor adventure?  And I can assure you, we are all adults here, it really kills the mood when that lovey love hair gets tangled in your lovers mouth.

“But your long hair is so beautiful!  Why would you ever cut it?”

(Say that once you’ve lived with it for a while).

Is the only things that’s beautiful the hair?  What about the person underneath?  Can you be beautiful- sexy, romantic, and feminine- with short hair?

Now over the past few days I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I have just that-  short hair.

There is a whole different process for upkeep- washing and drying and brushing and adding in product and done.  Look, a lot of the same things just a lot less time.  And then there is what you don’t have, the long cascading locks that seem to define me.  Nothing for others to play with, not enough length to get tangled in tree branches, snagged in a zipper, or caught in a compromising position.

But is it still beautiful?  I’m a woman but am I still feminine?

Why should I be asking these questions just because I cut my hair!?   Why is this something that has been circulating through my thoughts for days?  Because, did I mention, that’s how I’m defined?  That’s what seems to be the first thing people see and the last thing they forget?  To society the hair is the defining aspect to being a beautiful woman.  That long flowing hair may be beautiful to behold but an occasional menace to the owner.

So, can short hair be sexy?


Well, you all decide.  And I appreciate you reading through this semi-rant, semi- POV post.




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