Blogging is hard!

Hi readers!

Doesn’t that title say it all?

I know, I’ve been MIA for most of the summer.  Not on purpose.  Not because I have nothing to write.  Not because I don’t want to entertain you all with fun stories and ideas!  But because I’ve come to realize the writing and upkeep of a blog is hard stuff.

The actual writing part comes easy- I write like I think and I write about me, so there is no shortage of daily happenings, thoughts, events, etc.  And taking pictures to share?  Well that’s like all I do!  (no really though, I take a TON of photos but very few see the bright lights of social media).  But when it comes down to actually sitting down to a computer with enough internet connection to load Google, getting into the blog hot site, formatting, editing, proof reading, sharing, tagging, and publishing I get b(l)ogged down!

I don’t know how professional bloggers, or even amateur bloggers do it!  It really can be like a second job and take on mind of it’s own. Not to mention the constant thought in the back of the publishers head, “What would people like to read about?  Would they be interested in this?  or would it offend someone?”

I don’t know how often I’m on the train or walking home and have a great idea for a post formulating in my head.  Only to find that by the time I get home, unwind, and go anywhere near a computer the thought has either left or I’m far to tired to focus on composing a well written piece.

Well, this has got to change!  I didn’t go out and buy a new computer, craft interviews, take fun pictures, create a whole separate Instagram account, and get you all excited about reading this blog to not write anything for it!!

But what are the tricks of the trade?  The magic words to make it all happen?  The mystical blog spell?

Here’s a hint— there isn’t any of that stuff!   No tricks or magic, or mystical happenings.  What there is a lot of is hard work, patience, and care.

So, Fall is here and I’m taking a new plan of attack to really give you all some fun posts to read and a safe place for me to write!  There is a lot coming down the pike the next few months— Navy-Airforce Half, Fall Fashion, NYC Marathon, and international travel and adventure— to name a few!

If that’s doesn’t sound like some fun topics, I don’t know what does!

So promise you will stick around a little longer, keep reading, and see what’s coming?

Great!  Cause I can’t wait to keep writing for you!




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