Beach Body

Summer is here and it’s hot hot hot!  The sun is bright and the sky is blue, making it time to hit the beach, play in the surf, and relax.  It’s the season for chilled cocktails, grilling, friendly get togethers on rooftops.  Stores are stocked full of shorts, tanks, bikinis, crop tops- the less you have on the better the day is going!

WAIT!!  did you say “shorts, tanks, bikinis, crop tops”!?

I sure did.  And with that, in the blink of a eye, everyone goes rushing out to lose weight, change their figure, make themselves more presentable, and get “beach body ready”.

What I’m interested in?  What does it mean to be Beach Body Ready?

Does it mean to starve yourself for weeks so you “look so skinny” in your string bikini?  What about take a “magic diet pill” so you “look so skinny in your string” bikini?              Perhaps it mean you hit up the gym excessively to “look so skinny” in your string bikini?

Why can’t it mean you eat healthy, workout in moderation, and feel proud of who you are even if you are not “looking so skinny” in your string bikini? And for that matter, why a string bikini at all??  High neck is totally in this season anyway.

Last summer I had a huge problem with an ad campaign that flooded the New York City subways promoting a meal replacement and supplement pill that promoted weight loss and getting “beach body ready”.


Not only did that campaign fail to mention anywhere that diet and exercise are crucial to weight loss, but that model is totally air brushed!  Take this pill and look like that?  NO people!! NO that’s not the way it works!

So this year I kept it in mind and took a (albeit small) stand at that ad.  I have been working out and training all winter and spring.  I went out and got myself some great looking bikinis and hit the beach.

You know what, I felt empowered… Held myself with confidence and no, maybe I wasn’t the skinniest woman out there but I felt great.

So, as we head into another fall and winter season- do we loose it all again?  Do we fall into a fluffy state and cover it all with layers and sweaters?  We can.  We all gain and loose due to seasons changing, stress at work, life changes, age…. you name it.  And you know what- THAT’S OK!  Believe, I’ve been hearing it for years how “Skinny I am” but it doesn’t always mean that’s how I feel.  BUT, what’s important is that you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Eat well (remember fruits and vegetables… green things are good!) and stay active.  That’s right, even if you are not willing to run on the trails durning the dark winter months, your gym is open!  Check out your local yoga studio or cross fit class.

All in all, a “Beach Body” is a total idea.  Cause anyone can be a body on a beach!                    Be confident and love yourself.





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