A Hard Boiled Egg

Just musing around here, cause it’s a Tuesday night and “what am I having for dinner?” has been the question on my mind.  A salad.  No great story ever started with eating a salad… well, maybe this one will.

Digging through the fridge…  thinking ok I have spinach, carrots, mushrooms.  I’d like something else… we have eggs… a hard boiled egg would be a perfect addition…

I have always thought it was practically rocket science to hard boil an egg.  Laugh all you want, but ti’s true.  I grew up with eggs WAY to boiled or still all runny inside, that eventually I just quit asking for them and later started buying them pre-done at Trader Joes.

This past weekend I was going to the theater with a friend and we did dinner before.  First on the menu- a salad- with hard boiled egg.  And yes, I had to ask for step by step instructions on how to hard boil the darn eggs!

Like really?  It takes 10 minutes:

  1. put the eggs in a pot
  2. fill the pot with water, covering the eggs
  3. boil the water and once boiling leave for 5-7 minutes
  4. turn off the stove
  5. cool/rinse in cold water

Poof, done.  Hard boiled eggs.

So it wasn’t that hard at all.  But I didn’t know that till I asked.

I read a book recommended by  a dear friend a while back, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and there is a lot to be said about asking for help or guidance.  Mostly that it’s OK and that you won’t look as stupid as you think if you just ask.  I find I look more ridiculous when I don’t ask and mess something up royally… Instead of just saying I need help.

Not gonna lie, life has been crazy and I’ve been away from the blog, but really that’s gonna change.  There are races to be reviewed, wines to the tasted, other bloggers to share (Check out the travel blog Brows The World by my dear friend Alex) and much more.


Stay tuned and stay true, I appreciate each and every one of my readers!




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