Global Running Day!

It’s Global Running Day!  A day to celebrate and challenge being active and all levels of fitness.  I’ve talked some about how I started running and have to date run 4 half marathons and countless other races of all lengths.

I’ve been really out of the running game the past 2 weeks due to post Mystic Half recovery and a very painful tight shoulder.  It’s hard to me to talk about my injuries, but I’m sure it will happen eventually.  IMG_7160

So today, a new month and new races to train for, I got up and did a pretty nice little 3 mile run through the park.  It’s getting hot and humid here and of course that’s a challenge, but I’m seeing great things ahead for this summer!

Here is a little review on how running has transformed me… and whatever you do today, whether it be running for a minute, a mile, or a marathon- get up and go!



All my runners out there you know this number.  The mile count for a half marathon.  Perhaps you’ve run so many you’ve lost count, or you have just begun training towards your first 5K with your sights set on the miles ahead.  Where ever you are, be proud of where you are and excited for where you will go.

Me, a runner?  Tell me that a few years ago and I would have laughed in your face.  I was perfectly happy on the elliptical for my cardio and running the occasional 5K that took the better part of an hour to complete.  I didn’t love running… if anything it hurt my body like crazy and I couldn’t breath.

Ok, yes- in college I started to run more, like outside for distances greater then 2 miles, with the proper shoes and with a group of people.  My times weren’t anything special and I was worn out by the activity.  Skip ahead to my move to NYC and I was trying very hard to maintain my miles.  But city running and summer heat made me put on the breaks.  Fast forward to moving in with the boyfriend, running at the gym increased as we both joined Planet Fitness but try to run outside with someone who’s legs are twice as long and I was left in the dust.  Losing self respect and self confidence, my running shoes say the dark of my closet.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and set out to accomplish something just for you. I was broken up with, kicked out, homeless, and exhausted.  But I got back on my feet, found a new home, new friends and set my sights on new challenges.

IMG_7161“Ruin is the road to transformation” ~ Eat Pray Love

Had I not fallen so far, felt like I lost so much, and desperately not wanted to give in and leave… I never would have decided to conquer a half marathon.  I wanted, no needed, to be a part of something. I needed to do something that only I could control… that i had to hold myself accountable too (training), and that wasn’t FOR anyone else but me.  I didn’t run these races or set expectations to show off for anyone but myself and honestly, I didn’t care what others thought or if anyone else even cared.


Reppin my RUN ATL crew back in Atlanta… you can take the girl from the south, but never the South out of the girl.  Dogwoods and miles logged!




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