A Hard Boiled Egg

Just musing around here, cause it’s a Tuesday night and “what am I having for dinner?” has been the question on my mind.  A salad.  No great story ever started with eating a salad… well, maybe this one will.

Digging through the fridge…  thinking ok I have spinach, carrots, mushrooms.  I’d like something else… we have eggs… a hard boiled egg would be a perfect addition…

I have always thought it was practically rocket science to hard boil an egg.  Laugh all you want, but ti’s true.  I grew up with eggs WAY to boiled or still all runny inside, that eventually I just quit asking for them and later started buying them pre-done at Trader Joes.

This past weekend I was going to the theater with a friend and we did dinner before.  First on the menu- a salad- with hard boiled egg.  And yes, I had to ask for step by step instructions on how to hard boil the darn eggs!

Like really?  It takes 10 minutes:

  1. put the eggs in a pot
  2. fill the pot with water, covering the eggs
  3. boil the water and once boiling leave for 5-7 minutes
  4. turn off the stove
  5. cool/rinse in cold water

Poof, done.  Hard boiled eggs.

So it wasn’t that hard at all.  But I didn’t know that till I asked.

I read a book recommended by  a dear friend a while back, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and there is a lot to be said about asking for help or guidance.  Mostly that it’s OK and that you won’t look as stupid as you think if you just ask.  I find I look more ridiculous when I don’t ask and mess something up royally… Instead of just saying I need help.

Not gonna lie, life has been crazy and I’ve been away from the blog, but really that’s gonna change.  There are races to be reviewed, wines to the tasted, other bloggers to share (Check out the travel blog Brows The World by my dear friend Alex) and much more.


Stay tuned and stay true, I appreciate each and every one of my readers!





Infatuated: Blue Skies, Wide Open Spaces, and Me

I really think this title says it all. So let this be a photo entry accompanied by some words, instead of the other way around.

I’m not sure when my love and interest in bright blue skies first came about, but I know I first noticed this infatuation on top of Elk Mt. in Oklahoma.





You could see for miles in all directions. It was breathtakingly beautiful, the water reflecting the intense blue of the sky, and that sky meeting the land far off in the distance. Up there was the first time I realized I would have been very happy to sit for hours just bring under that sky, looking at it’s beauty and power… Feeling small and humbled, but also beautiful.






For years I took for granted the majesty and beauty of Southern Illinois, where I used to spend my summers and now where I run to in an attempt to escape New York City and regain… Or maintain… Some of my sanity. There, un-impeded by sky scrapers and city lights, you can see sky, trees, water.



I have come to realize that I could happily be under and look at a blue sky, really anywhere, and by so happy. Now I don’t just mean any blue, I mean that piercing, intense, clear, powerful blue sky that says “yes, look up from your phones, get up form your office chairs, and come outside. Look up at me and bask there, totally unchained from all other daily problems. Just be”.




I’m not saying you can’t see a phenomenal sky in New York City, because you can in fact.









You just have to be in the right place, but even then there is usually a building standing in the open blue.





And all to often, you may only get a small glimpse as you move through the dark underground of the city.






I believe there is something very deeply rooted in us, that draws us to nature in some form. For me, the blue sky… Being able to watch it go on and on. Yes it can make me feel small and vulnerable, but it also gives me a view of endless possibilities with plenty of space and time to try them all. When I’m distracted by a perfect, uninterrupted blue sky, I never feel lonely or lost. I’m reminded there’s so much more out there.

Ever had a dream where you fly? Well, I can tell you- it’s the best way to see the sky!!


For more fun pictures, check out the  Instagram for this Blog!  @runlivelove_blog



On Wine: Pinot Gris Reserve Willm 2013

Let’s start this Monday off right… with wine.

Starting a new wine series titled “One Wine”- A series of short write ups on the latest open bottle in the apartment and various top finds!  Here is this week’s edition of “On Wine”, hot off the presses…

We’ve all had a cheap Pinot Grigio. It’s light, crisp and generally refreshing but overall is pretty unexciting. There are some great examples out there but most of the bottles in the generic twenty-something’s price range will just be ok. On the other hand, there’s Pinot Gris. Same grape, but coming from the low yielding vineyards in Alsace. In general, Pinot Gris is a little more perfumed and much more complex than its Italian cousin. It’ll have some of the same citrus and steely notes that we know from Pinot Grigio but will go beyond the primary flavors.


This one has a lovely floral nose with hints of pear and citrus. There’s little bit of a spicy, savory note that is reminiscent of sage and ginger as the wine develops in the glass.  It’s still plenty acidic but less biting with some honeysuckle and the barest hit of sweetness to balance it. To be clear, this is still a dry wine. There’s possibly a little residual sugar but not enough to make this off-dry. Overall it has good balance, great flavor development and definitely worth the $13.

This is super food friendly when not being enjoyed just as a summertime sipper. We had this with Poulet a l’Estragon but spicy Asian cuisine is also a great go to pairing. The slight amount of sweetness and acidity helps cut through the burning of really good Drunken Noodles.


Enjoy your week, friends!




On Wine: Il Mimo 2014

Well friends, summer is upon us in NYC!  And summer means rosé.

You read that right– rosé season is upon us and it’s taken very seriously in this apartment.  Here again, from the desk(top) of the Wine & Food contributing writer, our first rosé review of the summer.

I love rosé. And I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when the bins of pink wines start appearing in the front of the local wine shop. Besides the fact that it means summer is coming, its bright, young, lovely and refreshing and exactly what the warmer weather calls for. IMG_7116

Sometimes all the barely pink wines start to run together and it just starts to be one strawberry and slightly steely wine after another. This one is a little bolder than most and it definitely looks it. A deep, deep pink color makes it stand out when surrounded by its paler friends and comes from a fairly long maceration time for a rosé. It’s based on the same grape that makes the superstars Barolo and Barbaresco: Nebbiolo. It’s a unique grape that isn’t in your typical rosé, which to me automatically makes it cool to me. Slightly fuller bodied but still light and easy to sip on when it’s hot and humid. With more bright cherry, raspberry and riper strawberry that make it incredibly easy to drink. A little bit of savory flavors kick in at the end with a little hint of anise. Slightly more tannic as well which makes it quite well structured.

We enjoyed some Trader Joes Flatbread Pizzas with this, but it’s pretty easy drinking and food friendly.


So what are you chilling and enjoying this summer?

Let us know here and when you get the chance, try the Il Mimo 2014 and let us know what you think!



New Yorkers and Their Parks!

Before I lived here and even once I’d lived there but hadn’t gotten out of the “OMG NYC!!” tourist phase, I never would have understood the importance of parks (green spaces) in New York City.

Obviously, yes there is Central Park that greets you like a scene from a movie as you fly over Manhattan on your decent to LGA airport.  Sure you’ve heard of Astoria Park and Prospect park, probably mentioned someplace in a Law and Order episode.  But these are just names.  And there are so many more names; Van Courtlan Park, Riverside Park, Isham Park, Battery Park, High Line, Madison Square Park… the list could go on.  These names and green blocks on iMap are the only way most people know New York parks.

OK, let’s rewind to last weekend or summers past… or let’s fast forward to many more weekends this coming summer and place ourselves in Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park, NYC.  This is a massive green lawn on the southwest end of the park edged by scattered old trees and broken up by the occasional rock formation.  On a sunny day with summer, this park comes alive.  It looks like a green beach covered in a sea of sunbathing, picnicking, frolicking people.  I kid you not- every age, race, walk of life, speedo, kite, Frisbee, and bikini are out in the park to socialize and soak up the rays.  People reading, sleeping, talking, walking, snacking, drinking (what- no not drinking in public… nope nope nope) and all coexisting- enjoying the same sun and time to relax.


I’m a big fan of taking my beach blanket and reading in the sun.  If I’m out with friends of course chatting and catching up on life is a must.  Now that Megan is taking Advanced Wine (I’m sure there is an official name but I don’t know it) I’ll quiz her on flashcards.  People watching is an all time favorite and pretty much the most amusing things to do.  Sometimes it’s hard to think of all of us busy frustrated New Yorkers actually taking time to smell the flowers.  This city is portrayed as cold and rough and certainly not full of people who will strip out of their business suit to lay in grass on a Friday afternoon!  But believe it or not, that’s exactly what happens.

You have to hand it to the NYC Parks Dept.  They take great pride in maintaining the cities beautiful park space.  I’ve never sat in the grass and been afraid of sitting on a glass bottle or found the trash cans way to full and blowing everywhere.  There are free events of everyone throughout the summer, and plenty of space for everyone.  There is very little judgment and I’ve really only experienced nice people.

You also have to hand it to the people that enjoy this park (and all the other parks)… who respect the space and everyone else there.  We are all stuck in this city, in one way or another, but we all want to enjoy the sun, the grass, and the chance to relax.  I’m not just talking about this happening in Central Park, even the green space across from my apartment draws us locals to it’s slopping sun filled fields!

So, this summer, if you are in NYC or just visiting… stop the work, stop the tourist bus, and try relaxing like a true New Yorker!



Weight! Let’s Recap

Remember back a few weeks ago when my dear friend Akeem was featured in my very first Q&A post “Just One Rep at a Time”?  Well, to recap- Akeem is really focused and developing his weight lifting.  And what does that mean? As he put it, “Take it in the simplest of terms, I go to the gym and I push/pull weights in a way that’s smart and allows my body to progress in strength and physique. Not just physically, but mentally as well.”

Akeem and I keep in touch pretty well (text, social media, etc) and the other day I got this email from him:

“Oh my gosh, so I’m working out this morning and all I can think about is all of the benefits of cross training and how they are integral in the improvement of lifting in general. Flexibility helps with mobility and posture which in turn allows you to complete the movements with proper form and stress on the correct body parts. And that’s just flexibility! I still come home at nights and if I’m feeling tight in the hips or the legs I sit on the floor and do the dance stretches we were taught so many years ago in High School, and that definitely aids in recovery and allowing the muscles to grow to their best capacity. I don’t think I can stress enough how important cross training is, LOL!”

I had to share this because 1) I didn’t ask him to send it, it came to my inbox un-provoked (haha) and 2) It stresses something I find to crucial to my fitness and lifestyle but hard to explain- the importance and benefits of cross training!

I work in fitness (at a Yoga and Pilates studio) and I don’t know how many people cancel their memberships because “Well, I’m training for the New York Marathon and I’m just running all the time, so I really don’t have time for anything else, like my yoga.”  That’s great and all, and believe me I know it’s hard to train for a race balancing work, sleep, food, social time, and cross training… but it’s so darn important!

I can talk from experience; you can run all day long but if you are not stretching and toning and rolling and strengthening and resting… you are gonna hurt yourself and it’s gonna be bad.  (I don’t say that to scare anyone or turn them away from running distance, but to encourage them to add in additional strength training and stretching).

Cross training gives your body a chance to reset, to center, to balance out, and to focus.   I love working on hip and ankle stability, cause it’s something I struggle with.  Having a strong core aids in lifting the bones and joints- putting the work in the muscles so they can do their job and you run lighter with more ease.

However, it’s important to know that not all athletes will benefit from the same type of cross training.  For example, Akeem lifts weights- that’s his focus and he will work his body in the best way to benefit that… running is part of his cross training.  Then look at me, I train my body to run long distance- I weight train as a cross training means.  We are literally the inverse because our goals are different.  What works for one may not… will not… work for all!

Yes, to much of a good thing can be a bad thing… I started doing a LOT more yoga after my last half marathon, and it really over strained something in my shoulder, which of course made me stop everything until that recovered.  But I encourage all of my readers and viewers who are active, to add in something new this month.  We just celebrated Global Running Day… so if you are a runner, add something to your workout plan.  If you are a yogi, add in some log impact cardio.  Whatever you choose to do, see if your body doesn’t feel different (lighter, stronger, more pain free) and go from there.

Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!




Global Running Day!

It’s Global Running Day!  A day to celebrate and challenge being active and all levels of fitness.  I’ve talked some about how I started running and have to date run 4 half marathons and countless other races of all lengths.

I’ve been really out of the running game the past 2 weeks due to post Mystic Half recovery and a very painful tight shoulder.  It’s hard to me to talk about my injuries, but I’m sure it will happen eventually.  IMG_7160

So today, a new month and new races to train for, I got up and did a pretty nice little 3 mile run through the park.  It’s getting hot and humid here and of course that’s a challenge, but I’m seeing great things ahead for this summer!

Here is a little review on how running has transformed me… and whatever you do today, whether it be running for a minute, a mile, or a marathon- get up and go!



All my runners out there you know this number.  The mile count for a half marathon.  Perhaps you’ve run so many you’ve lost count, or you have just begun training towards your first 5K with your sights set on the miles ahead.  Where ever you are, be proud of where you are and excited for where you will go.

Me, a runner?  Tell me that a few years ago and I would have laughed in your face.  I was perfectly happy on the elliptical for my cardio and running the occasional 5K that took the better part of an hour to complete.  I didn’t love running… if anything it hurt my body like crazy and I couldn’t breath.

Ok, yes- in college I started to run more, like outside for distances greater then 2 miles, with the proper shoes and with a group of people.  My times weren’t anything special and I was worn out by the activity.  Skip ahead to my move to NYC and I was trying very hard to maintain my miles.  But city running and summer heat made me put on the breaks.  Fast forward to moving in with the boyfriend, running at the gym increased as we both joined Planet Fitness but try to run outside with someone who’s legs are twice as long and I was left in the dust.  Losing self respect and self confidence, my running shoes say the dark of my closet.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and set out to accomplish something just for you. I was broken up with, kicked out, homeless, and exhausted.  But I got back on my feet, found a new home, new friends and set my sights on new challenges.

IMG_7161“Ruin is the road to transformation” ~ Eat Pray Love

Had I not fallen so far, felt like I lost so much, and desperately not wanted to give in and leave… I never would have decided to conquer a half marathon.  I wanted, no needed, to be a part of something. I needed to do something that only I could control… that i had to hold myself accountable too (training), and that wasn’t FOR anyone else but me.  I didn’t run these races or set expectations to show off for anyone but myself and honestly, I didn’t care what others thought or if anyone else even cared.


Reppin my RUN ATL crew back in Atlanta… you can take the girl from the south, but never the South out of the girl.  Dogwoods and miles logged!