Dolce Nothing

Sweet nothing.

If you know me at all, then you know that spontaneous impromptu plans and I are not best friends.  I like to have a game plan and a time frame and more or less a schedule.  I suppose it’ s just how I’m wired and it can be for better or worse, depending on the day.  But when your friends like to go where the wind takes them and explore with ideas that can change as a speeding taxi, then you miss out on a lot of fun times and adventures staying tethered to your strict plan.

With that timed out game plan can come an aggressive sense of urgency, and whether you know me or not, you probably know that in New York you are always on the go… seldom stopping to smell the flowers or sit at that patio bar for another drink.  We are always on the go.  All to often with the mind set — time is money and wasting time is wasting money.  But is time really wasted if you stop to lay in the sunny park on your day off?  To run into friends and join them on a stroll in the opposite direction you were headed?  It is a waste  to allow ourselves to slow down… to relax… to live in the moment for just a moment?

I think not!  Do nothing and totally enjoy it every once in a while.  Let go of the plan and see what you discover.  Walk slow and look up from the phone.  You might be surprised.

Today I did a pretty good job of throwing this caution to the wind and letting the plans change as the day went on.  I knew I had the day and no where to be, so why rush?  And you know what I was able to enjoy?

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A rainbow flashing over my head in the sky,  5 baby ducks swimming about in the Hudson after Momma Duck, beers, street jewelry, and of course friends and great conversation.

I’m even being spontaneous in posting this!  I usually do write content then schedule it out, but today this was just what needed to happen.

So happy weekend fabulous readers!  I challenge you to do something this weekend that’s not on the calendar- go someplace new or fall asleep in the park.  Relax and enjoy the sun!




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