For the Love of Jura (Part 1)

From the desk(top) of none other then our local wine specialist comes this little piece on a type of wine you may or may not be familiar with- Jura wines.  If you’ve never heard of it, you are about to  as it’s getting more then one “Part”!

Lets see what it’s all about:

“I love Jura wines. They’re different and funky and traditional. I found Domaine Grand Trousseau 2014 at my local liquor store in the organic and natural wines section. The student in me just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try a new wine from a new region.

Trousseau is native to the Jura region of France, a tiny little sliver east of Burgundy and south East of Alsace. It has a proud history of traditional winemaking that tends towards the funky. It’s regularly compared to Burgundy with a similar soil type and climate, but the wines stand apart with a little something different. It’s growing in IMG_3444popularity, but very little is seen outside of the region.

Like the other native reds, it’s thin-skinned and looks more like a deep rose than a red, but it has some great tannin while keeping the wine itself incredibly light. It’s a little like Pinot Noir, with the same red fruit notes, but the spicier, slightly gamier nose gives it away. It’s definitely rustic and its flavors of wild berries, mushrooms, pepper and game are just begging for food. Roasted chicken, cheese, sausage, crackers.

I may need to run out and get another bottle…”


Maybe the next time you are looking to try something new you will consider a Jura wine and then let us know what you think!  Send a picture or tasting thoughts and join in the conversation.

Look for Part 2 in the coming weeks as Megan tell us what it’s like to attend a Master Class and Tasting of Jura wines!



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