Friday the 13th Edition: Little Black Cat Tat

Well, it’s Friday the 13th, that unlucky day that creeps up on us a few times each year.  A date that causes anxiety and paranoia abound, when sidewalk cracks and black cats are avoided at all costs.  I’m definitely a little superstitious, but a black cat crosses my path every morning on the way to brush my teeth, so it’s something I’m used to…?


Lenny the Cat, our resident black cat



From the little research I did, this chaos originated through the horror films and folklore of days gone by.  Almost all cultures it seems, have a tale us misfortune and supernatural events.  Add in the current phase of the moon and the path of Mercury’s orbit, and you can have quite the day!

To each their own as to how they spend this notorious day… but I have my favorite Friday the 13th story.  This fun fluff piece is the story of my little black cat tat.

Yes, a few years back on a Friday the 13th with a full moon and Mercury in retrograde, I wondered into a local hole in the wall tattoo parlor with a sketch.  For about 5 years I had been designing a black cat tattoo and I was finally ready to commit it to my body.  Why a little black cat, you may ask?  Well, if you know me at all you know I am a total cat person but due to a family full of allergies, was never able to have a kitty of my own.  There were plenty of cats in my life, I’ve been cat sitting for friends and neighbors sense I was like 10… but I wanted my own cat… and I had created a design that I really loved.

So I went and sat and had a needle repeatedly pricked into my forearm.


Outline done, fill in begins

Click on the images to read the fun captions!


Getting a tattoo is different for everyone, and I’m not saying I am an expert, but I have a little experience.  My top 3 tips:

  1. Know what your design is (and like it) and where it’s going to be placed.  I’ve always designed my tattoos and been sure they are exactly what I want– once it’s done it’s kinda hard to change.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time for the session.  Whether you are just doing a walk in (many studios allow it depending on staffing and scheduling) or have an appointment made in advance, allow time.   It can take longer then you expect and being stressed about running late to something else will only make the process more uncomfortable.
  3. Follow all the care instructions, it’s like a cut- let it heal.  One of the biggest contributing factors, I think, to why I love my ink so much is that none of them got infected, scabbed off poorly and lost color or detail, because I took proper care and let them heal.  Yes it’s itchy, yes it might bleed or ooze, but when that’s all over it’s worth it to have a well done tattoo!

Each time I’ve gotten a tattoo (3 in total to date), I get a different reaction from friend family and new acquaintances. When I got my first tat (around my ankle), some loved it and appreciated the art and statement, some people got flat out mad, and others got concerned… concerned that I was becoming some strange tattooed rebel.  When I got my 3rd piece- my mantra across my rib cage- I quickly discovered that while the words were meaningful and unique, the location is what society is making the “new” tramp stand.  Getting this, my second tattoo, due to the timing made many people see it as a “F**k my Ex” piece.  (Which was not the case).



Most people don’t know what it is at first.  The cat faces me and from the opposite perspective looks like some pretty squiggly lines (or the “Death Eaters” design from Harry Potter)!


Well, that was 2 years ago.  The sharpness of the lines has faded and color has faded slightly, but she is still beautiful and maybe one of my favorite pieces.  Others will always have words, but it’s my body and the store is what really makes it special and unique.


What are you up to this Friday?  Cuddling the nearest black cat perhaps?  When in doubt it’s a nice little excuse for being “out of it” at work at the end of a long tedious week… because it’s the 13th.


we have pretty eyes 😉




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