Pin Win! Margarita Cupcakes

Doesn’t that title kinda say it all?!  Let’s get this party started!  What is one to do when their boss’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo are in the same week?  Why search Pinterest, of course, for something festive involving cake, frosting, and booze.  But you know when you attempt a Pin and it turns out NOTHING like the picture you were Oh SO inspired by?

Well last night I found, attempted, and conquered a very fun festive Pin for Lime Margarita Cupcakes. 




The cake batter is basically a pound cake- very easy to throw together if you have a stocked kitchen.   And the frosting is literally 2 sticks of butter, a lot of sugar, and lime juice.  I definitely recommend having an eccentric blender and the batter can get stiff and the frosting needs to be whipped very well so it can be pipped on smoothly.  Like for real though… between the batter and frosting there is like a pound of butter happening here.  Oh and did I mention tequila?  Umm hmm, yup… that’s right… the batter and the frosting have a generous dose of it, making them truly exciting.

(you can choose to make them without the tequila… that’s ok too)

Topped with a thin slice of lime and you are all set to go!

I mean, they look GREAT!  Seriously proud of the baking part but also the presentation part.  I always wonder how these Pinterest Post People make thinks look so perfect and then I see what a difference it makes if you have the time, space, and proper equipment.  Cupcake papers are a must, as is a pipping bad and tips for the frosting.  (Thank you Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

12 of these babies accompanied me to work today and are definitely proving to be a hit!

You too can be the Margarita Cupcake Master, cause I’m not taking credit for this recipe.  Check out The Brown Eyed Baker for this treat and many others!

So, if you are feeling creative later this week or really need something festive to take to your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, try these adorable edgy cupcakes and post your photos here!  Comment, like, and share the joy.




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