I’m Tired of the Guilt!

Like most people, be it at work or school, I work 5 days a week and interact with hundreds of people.  On days off there are the necessary errands and chores to be done as well as the weekend events, social gatherings, and friend meet ups.

By the end of my “weekend” I would feel just as tired as after a day at work.  Where was the quiet time to relax and be quiet?  What happened to that?  I’ll tell you what happened- guilt.  I felt guilty if I want’s out and about, exposing and socializing and spending.  Then guess what happened… between the running and the training, the traveling and the socializing…  I got worn out.  I had to take a weekend off and spend time on me, myself, and I.   I could feel my body tensing up, my nerves were wearing thin, migranes were sort of a regular thing and I wasn’t really enjoying anything I was going.

I decided I had to make a change.  One weekend I allowed myself to stay in lounge clothes with the windows open all day doing nothing but watching movies, napping, eating, spa-ing, and only leaving my apartment if I wanted to.  Do you know what I discovered?!  This “off” day was exactly what I needed.  I hadn’t had to talk to another person or be anywhere at any time and  I felt SO relaxed.


The next weekend I did it again.  On my way home from work at the end of my week, I stopped and got myself a beautiful bunch of flowers for my room.   I didn’t feel guilty about taking a day to stay in, I embraced it-knowing that this simple act of self-care made me a happier healthier person.  Now I take a day every week to get myself flowers or a fun snack and to enjoy some me time.

So if you are feeling tired to stressed or out of touch with yourself, take a day this weekend (or a few hours) to enjoy some quality time for yourself!  Let me know how it goes!




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