The House Red

How many apartments have you been to where the residents have an (almost) always in stock house wine that they are ready and willing to uncork anytime house guests appear?  None? One? Oh, about a dozen?!

Whatever your answer, my fabulous little NYC abode falls into this category.  When your roommate works in the fine wine auction business, you drink only the good stuff and Yellow Tail isn’t allowed over the threshold.  After a few months of getting settled in our home, we decided to find a “House Red” to have for visitors and those evenings when we needed a glass of something but didn’t want to open the cellar and explore something new.

What did we settle on?  None other then then the fabulous 19 Crimes 2015. 


19 Crimes Australian Red

Lets see what Megan has to say about it…

“I picked up this one because the history buff in me loves a good story, especially a risqué one.  Named after the 19 crimes that original prisoners were sent to the Australian penal colony for, this is an easy drinking red blend.  As an added bonus, the corks are branded with one of the 19 crimes committed, instantly creating a wine themed scavenger hunt.

Deep purple in color, this is bursting with sweet fruit aromas with the barest hint of vanilla and coffee.  The palate is a little more savory then the nose suggests, but it is still a fruit bomb of super-ripe blackberry and maraschino cherry.  Acids and tannins are rather low for a red but alcohol is quite present.

Incredibly easy to drink, if not the most exciting wine.  It is fairly easy to find at your local wine store and tends to run about $13.

Goes well with:

  • Long days at work
  • Good conversation
  • People you don’t know very well who won’t go away

But seriously, it’s a great barbecue wine!”


There you go folks, first wine review for your reading pleasure.  Lots more to come as well as “How to Taste”, coming soon!




I’m Tired of the Guilt!

Like most people, be it at work or school, I work 5 days a week and interact with hundreds of people.  On days off there are the necessary errands and chores to be done as well as the weekend events, social gatherings, and friend meet ups.

By the end of my “weekend” I would feel just as tired as after a day at work.  Where was the quiet time to relax and be quiet?  What happened to that?  I’ll tell you what happened- guilt.  I felt guilty if I want’s out and about, exposing and socializing and spending.  Then guess what happened… between the running and the training, the traveling and the socializing…  I got worn out.  I had to take a weekend off and spend time on me, myself, and I.   I could feel my body tensing up, my nerves were wearing thin, migranes were sort of a regular thing and I wasn’t really enjoying anything I was going.

I decided I had to make a change.  One weekend I allowed myself to stay in lounge clothes with the windows open all day doing nothing but watching movies, napping, eating, spa-ing, and only leaving my apartment if I wanted to.  Do you know what I discovered?!  This “off” day was exactly what I needed.  I hadn’t had to talk to another person or be anywhere at any time and  I felt SO relaxed.


The next weekend I did it again.  On my way home from work at the end of my week, I stopped and got myself a beautiful bunch of flowers for my room.   I didn’t feel guilty about taking a day to stay in, I embraced it-knowing that this simple act of self-care made me a happier healthier person.  Now I take a day every week to get myself flowers or a fun snack and to enjoy some me time.

So if you are feeling tired to stressed or out of touch with yourself, take a day this weekend (or a few hours) to enjoy some quality time for yourself!  Let me know how it goes!



Meet the Author

I feel like this will be the hardest post to write!


How is one supposed to introduce themselves on a blog?  In a stuffy uptight cover letter sort of way- To whom it may concern, my name is Christiane, I am an active 20-something living and working in NYC… blah blah?  Or in a causal sense, like a text to a close friend- Hey there!  It’s been a while, I’m keeping busy with running and training while working full-time in the fitness world!

And in that, I think you get to know me.  Christiane— an avid runner, certified Pilates instructor, foodie, wine lover, and fitness lifestyle buff who is taking on this blog to share training adventures, workout tips, recipes and wine pairings, self care ideas, and so much more with a community of likeminded friends.

I want to encourage you, my dear readers, to get up and tackle your first 5K or pamper yourself with fresh flowers on your day off.  I want to create a community and dialogue to share and support each other.  I know I could do this through an established company like Beachboy or something, but I don’t want to pressure- I want to write what I feel and share things as they come.

So with that (I can get long winded, so trying to keep the first post short and sweet) I leave you to enjoy these first few posts and hopefully spread the work about this little blog, but even more then that- I hope to inspire you to try something new and enjoy the journey.



Run One and Done…?

So why start a whole blog because you like to run?  If you’ve run one 5k haven’t you run them all?  And who wants to hear all about the huffing and puffing of training for a marathon?

Well, I’m that crazy person who loves to hear different race day stories and crazy training ideas.  Every race I’ve ever run has been so different and (I can only hope) they continue to be.  If you have a story, you should share it and bring others on your journey.  On the trail or during lunchtime conversation, you may feel like you are the only one traveling your path, but as soon as you share your plans, you open the door for so many others to share theirs and support you on your way.



First official timed race in New York- NYE Midnight Run 2015



Being real, I would have to say that I’ve been finishing 5k’s for a long as I can remember, and usually cursing every step.  It wasn’t the most “fun” thing I would have on my summer calendar and I didn’t know what I was doing.  In fact, running felt like work and I had no interest in participating.  I had no desire to be faster or finish sooner.  I had no desire to train and invest in shoes or gear… I didn’t even know you could have shoes that helped your feet stride correctly!  But I did enjoy the friends and community feeling,  I liked being done and saying I did think thing.  I finished something and I have the shirt to show for it… so I kept it on the back burner and did the occasional race.


Short training run before the MORE Half Marathon, NYC 2015. Training never stops!

Eventually, (more on this in future posts) stress and personal drive drove me to educate myself, invest in more shoes then I know what to do with, and into my first half marathon.  I was hooked.  I had that runners high and wanted to be there always.  To carry myself from point A to point B was the most thrilling thing I’d put myself up to.  I wanted to continue challenging myself.  So, I set a goal- to run a half marathon in all 50 States and to run the 2016 New York City Marathon.

And that’s where this blog come in- stories, tops, plans, ideas, and more… stay tuned!