Roll with the punches

As I write this, it’s about 2am in New York and just after 3 in the afternoon here in Bali.  

12 hours ago, when the times were reversed, this was looking like a very different day than what it became.  This morning I got up at 1am and got all ready to ke a volcano at sunrise.  I left he home stay in the dark (don’t start panicking- I have a flashlight) and headed down to the main road to meet my guide and the rest of the group.  I waited and waited and waited and well… Waited for over an hour… No one came.  Of course I cannot just hop on my phone because my data plan really does not cover me out this far (lol).  So I walked back home to get on wifi and ask what in the goodness happened.  

If you know me well, you know I don’t always like when things don’t go as planned.  I tend to anxious and flustered.  Well, you would be happy- that did not happen! Yes, I was disappointed. I wondered what I did wrong.  Did I wait outside of wrong meeting point or somehow get there too late, even you I was early? It turned out there had been a car accident and traffic (no one was hurt) and the team could not complete pickup or take anyone on the tour.  The host, very apologetic, offered to reschedule for tomorrow. So I will be hiking a volcano for sunrise tomorrow … But then I thought, what to do with today.  Today, December 1st, was supposed to be a big fun exciting day to officially kick off my birthday month…

I went with it-  I slept another hour. I had a long leasurely breakfast and journaled. 

The day was mine and whatever struck my fancy was mine to do… Or not do. 

And that’s really the world for you. Yes we must plan and save and think and be smart, but we are also allowed to go with what is thrown at us.  Often times we can’t know what is coming our way every moment, but we can control how we react to these ever changing situations.  We can let these unforeseen changes ruin our outlook, our relationship, or we can be open to the exciting idea of an unknown plan.

Wow- don’t I sound enlightened! 

I took my time … I took yoga … I wandered and window shopped the goodness out of most of Ubud center.  I ate lunch and stayed for the wifi.  

And when I say I took yoga… I took my first ever Acro Yoga class and talk about rolling with whatever is sent flying your way! I’m arriving and have a fairly decent ideas where my body is in space… So I make a great base. But in teams of 3 I was able to fly too… And just trust.

And that is the name of the game.  Trust that it will work out… Volcano trekking was easily rescheduled for tomorrow !


Bike Bali

Doesn’t the title say it all? If your weren’t sure, I did a bike tour around Ubud today and it is quickly moving up on the list of amazing life experiences I’ve had.  
I booked this excursion on Air BnB and honestly I wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even heard from the host, so I did question my choices a little bit…. But OMG am I glad I did this. I will attempt to tell you all about it… But this post may turn into just a little ramble then pictures. 
I’m writing from one of my favorite spots in Ubud- Atman Kafe. Megan and I found this spot the last trip and I’ve been looking forward to coming back (alghough now it is very far from my home stay). It’s only been two years, but it has changed so much! The seating area is much bigger and looking more commercial, but they still have the same great menu and comfy tables you can sit at on cushions. This is one of those places you could spend hours with several pots of tea and a blog post… Oh look!!

But I digress. Today’s tour- starred by being driven to a lunch spot outside of the busy downtown area where we enjoyed traditional Balinese food with a beautiful view. 

I mean, how lovely is that! 

Then It was just a a short drive to the start for our ride. Courtney, from Canada, and I were the only two on the tour, so of course we were having a blast. Hopping on our bikes, we definitely did not know what was in store!

(Word to the wise- don’t do bike tours in harem pants. You will inevitably rip the crotch and have to pick up a new pair before doing to dinner) (but you will look pretty darn cute… Win some loose some)

First stop was a holy water temple. Our guide told us all about the history and tradition. We were able to splash in the holy water then sat and took in the beauty. There was also no shortage of photo ops. As it was raining, there were far fewer people to get in the way!

Next up, we took off on the bikes for a famous wood carving shop and collection. Some of the carvings are insanely tall and everything g is done with incredible detail. I’m here for size comparisons!

It really is amazing.Then back on the road to what was about to become my favorite part- trekking through Tegallalang Rice Terrace. I’ll just leave some pictures here because I don’t have words right now to say how incredible it was…

By this time the rain was getting harder, but that didn’t stop us from biking through a path in a rice terrace and nearly falling into the rice many times… No pictures of that right now because it was really not ideal to be stopping and struggling to find the phone. This would have been the adventure to have a GoPro for! 
Ended with a very rainy walk through a coffee plantation and coffee tasting before letting the rain get the better of us and deciding to drive back into town. 

And well, here we are. Still sitting at Atman enjoy a juice and Avo & Fetta Toasties 

Keep up with the Bali fun on my Instagram! 

Till next time, 


Time Travel

Y’all voted for it, so here we go. 

Getting back on the blog (after way longer then I ever meant) to document some adventures– it’s November 27th (over here in Taiwan) and I’m Bali bound!! again ūüôā
The quick and dirty backstory- I traveled to Bali two years ago and adored it. I’ve wanted to go back ever sense and well… It worked out! 

Bali is literally about as far away from New York as I can get. We are literally 12 hours different and down in a whole other hemisphere.  The first leg of my journey is a 16 hour flight from JFK to Taipei. You fly in darkness the who time, leaving New York just after midnight and landing at 5:30am basically 2 days later. It’s like time travel, I’ve basically skipped Monday the 26th!  It’s very cool once you settle in and surrender to the flight, if you will. You get three meals and basically live a whole day in the air! They change the lights and temperature in the cabin as the trip goes on. If you time it right, which I just about did this time, you can land without feeling toooo jet lagged and confused. I stayed up for the first 3 or so hours of the flight- getting through dinner and killing time with music and crossword puzzles (I forgot how good the whole Maroon 5 “V” album is, lol). Then pop a Unisom and it’s basically some sort of sleep for the next 6-8 hours. What a great way to pass all that time!

Wake up in time for more food and start to feel like a person again before its “seats in the upright and locked position with tray tables stowed” for final decent to Taiwan.  Leg 1 done. 

I’m flying China Aireays and it’s a lovely experience.  Decent food, pillows, wine, and music and movies that I actually want to spend my time with. 

That brings me to now…  Back in Airport World… Enjoying standing up and walking about… Get ready for the 5 hour flight down to Bali! 

So now, I might go change clothes and re-arrange my bag before this flight. Enjoy some pic from 30,000ft and check out my Instagram for even more pictures and videos (it’s all in the stories!)



Got my passport and I’m ready to fly!

Hi-ho Hi-ho, it’s off to the plane I go…

Settled in- eye mask for the win!

No flight would be complete without wine!

Deep in mid-flight thoughts…

Tattoo Tales: That Other Design

While I was researching designs for the first one, I had come across a little piece that I couldn’t get out of my head.  A simple little black cat outline that just stuck with me for years.  I would draw it on my forearm with a pen and act like it was another temporary tattoo.  A passing fancy.  I’d told myself I only wanted one tattoo.  That I didn’t need any more ink.  But I couldn’t forget the design.  And where I would put it.  And how much I knew I would love it (senseI love cats and all).  And how it was a little black cat and I would get it on a Friday the 13th so it was even more cool.

Fast forward forward about 3 years… and find me, on a Friday the 13th in May… wandering into another tattoo parlor.  This one not nearly as fancy and posh as the studio I did my first tattoo at. In fact, it was not fancy or posh at all… it was a literal hole in the wall tattoo studio somewhere in Wash Heights that shared space with a gym and was a total of 1 room.  No paperwork to fill out.  Cash only… I know, it sounds like the start of a horror story, but you know the ending- I’m still here and I have not lost any limbs… so it turns out ok.

The kid (honestly he was 18) was super nice and when I walked it said he could do the design for cheap and asked if he could clean up the image for me.  Of course I said yes, cause I can’t draw to save my life and my rough little sketch was not what I wanted the final piece to look like.   After about 10 minutes we were ready to start.  I sat in a folding chair with my forearm on a little stand covered in fresh plastic wrap.

Snap on the gloves, peal open the needle, squirt in the ink, and buzz the gun…. and we were ready to go.

I felt like it was over before it even began!  I guess that’s what happens when you get your largest piece as your first tattoo.  Everything else starts to feel a little easier.  Or at least shorter.  I wouldn’t say easy.  It’s still painful.  You are still agreeing to have your body pricked repeatedly with a needle and inject ink into your skin.  But 20 minutes later it was done and (only a little bloody) cleaned and neatly wrapped in plastic.

IMG_0403Like nothing had happened I jumped right on the train and went to work.  That’s life isn’t it.  In my mind yeah, getting tattooed was a big deal, but in the grand scheme of things, it is just like running another errand and you still have commitments to take care of.

I remember being at work that evening siting at the computer and trying not to brush my arm up against the desk because it hurt.  And waiting 3 hours till I could take off the plastic and clean my arm- finally getting a really good look at my little black cat.

I mean, it’s been another 3 years now and I still look at my arm and wonder why the pen drawing hasn’t washed off yet.  Honestly I forget it’s a permanent tattoo.  I got so used to seeing it on my arm and acting like it was real, not that it is, it’s not a big change.

I get all of my tattoos for me.¬† So I want them look best when I look at them (sense I‚Äôm the one seeing them the most). The best is when people see the cat and ask what it is.¬† Apparently upside-down from a distance and if you have no idea what it could be it looks like the ‚Äúdeath eaters‚ÄĚ symbol from Harry Potter ‚Ķ.. I‚Äôm sorry to disappoint- it‚Äôs not‚Ķ but that makes a fun story to share here.

A word of wisdom to the wise from someone with ink?  Have a reason for an piece you get.  Have a story to tell about it.  Have a really amazing personal reason for getting it.  Cause you know what, people will ask.  They will want to share their stories.

So I have a little black cat tat that I got on a Friday the 13th with a full moon and while Mercury was in retrograde.  Thats a lot of superstition right there!

Do you have a fun tattoo story to share?  Let’s here them!



Race in Review: Brooklyn Half Marathon 2017

2 years later and I’m BAAAACK!

After taking on Brooklyn back in 2015 with rain and shine and a PR (!) then a 3 hour commute back home to a shower and a nap, I had sort of swore off this race. ¬†I’d run it, I’d had a good time, I’d experienced this iconic event… but I knew there were other races I wanted to tackle and well… Brooklyn is just so faraway from home!

But, when a number is coming your way, ¬†and you have already been in training for 13.1, it’s very hard to say no. ¬†So you say yes and just a week after the Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon¬†you are back in the start corrals to conquer the distance again.

What comes before the race? ¬†The pre-race party! ¬†Bib pickup, apparel, music, and fun give aways. ¬†Right on the water on the pier, with a lovely view of the city and Liberty Island-¬†Brooklyn knows how to throw quite a party. ¬†Then it’s all about race day prep!


The first time I ran the Brooklyn Half, yes I PR-ed and finished in 2:18… but the conditions were rough and I was knocked out the rest of the day. ¬†First it was humid, then it RAINED, then if got real sunny and well… that was a hot race. ¬†The course was new and I got a little turned around… cause I don’t spend that much time in Brooklyn. ¬† So this year, the partly cloudy conditions with a light breeze and my knowledge of the course made things a little easier.

This race is really divided into two sections. ¬†The first 6 miles go from the start line and after a little out n’ back you head into and around Prospect Park. ¬†These miles are hilly and curvy keeping you on your toes as the race kicks off. ¬†The second 6 miles or so are flat flat flat along Ocean Parkway all the way to the boardwalk of Coney Island. ¬†Flat can feel easy and be crazy challenging in it’s own right. ¬†Not only are you starting to get tired, but flat puts a whole different kind of strain on the body.

This year, over half of Ocean Parkway had been re-paved the night before, making this segment of the race literally SO SMOOTH!  After the adrenaline of the first 6 miles and the cheering in the park, I was able to fall into a groove for the second half.  I had already started my run-a-mile/ walk-a-mile routine at mile 5 and was happily plugging along.


Honestly there was nothing about this race that went wrong for me. ¬†I felt strong and happy the whole course. ¬†No, I didn’t end with a PR but I also didn’t end with an injury or a migraine. ¬†Crossing the finish line as a light drizzle began felt good… until that light drizzle started to turn into a bit more of a steady downpour. ¬†Ok, so maybe that was the worst of it… being sweaty and wet. ¬†But that’s not too bad! ¬†And this year, I was able to carry on with my day after racing.

Did you run the BK Half this year?  In the past?  Maybe you plan to run it next year and have a question?  Sent them my way!



Tattoo Tales: One & Done

It’s true what they say, tattoos are addicting.

You think “Oh, it’s just one tattoo. ¬†I have no interest in any other design or any other ink.”

Summer about 6 years ago I wrote a bucket list in my head. ¬†A few various interesting things I decided I wanted to do during my life. ¬†Get some time on the gun range, go trail riding, and get a tattoo, were the 3 that made the top of that list. ¬†To this day I can’t tell you why “get a tattoo” came up first on that list, but it did. ¬†Not cause a friend got one or my parents had them, not cause I wanted to be accepted or cool or fit in or join a gang. ¬†I just couldn’t get it out of my head. ¬†I started looking up design ideas and placement and looking into what it would entail to get a tattoo.

(I’ve still never gone trail riding again or shot a gun… although I’ve added¬†run a half marathon in all 50 states to the list!)

After a few months I’d custom designed what I wanted, decided on placement, and scouted parlors. ¬†I put the design on my screen saver so I got used to looking at it every day and ant time I saw something I didn’t like, I’d tweak it, ¬†adjusting it to be just so until it was perfect.

I’d told family and friends that I was planning on “getting tatted” and of course I got mixed responses. ¬†Mother dearest at first thought it was a cool idea, then changed her mind… the boy told me how it would mess up my future or career options… my roommate was totally excited (cause she also wanted one)… ¬†Of course no one could really understand why I would want to do that. ¬†What was I thinking?!

Finally the day came. ¬†I’d made an appointment, finalized the design, and had my best friend there to distract me the whole time and drive home (lol). ¬†I rolled up to Liberty Tattoo on Ponce, filled out my paperwork, only to discover they hadn’t gotten the design I emailed or written down my appointment. ¬†So I waited and waited… of course getting more and more anxious, but I didn’t leave.

Finally I was getting settled on the table, the design was traced and drying on my ankle before my artist started.  Fresh needle, gloves, plastic cover, black ink.  She asked if I was ready and so it began.

270050_10151561083247468_1948931146_nBeing totally honest, I don’t remember much about actually getting that tattoo anymore. ¬†I remember almost breaking Jessica’s hand and nearly changing the design in the middle of the whole thing cause it hurt. ¬†But once it’s started there is really no going back. ¬†All you can really do is keep breathing and remain very still. ¬†How long this took I don’t remember but I was probably done shortly after an hour. ¬†I do remember looking at the fresh tattoo on my ankle in the mirror moments after it was finished and cleaned. ¬†I remember freaking out (in my head of course) just ¬†a little at how much bigger it was then I have visualized and how much lower on my ankle it was then I planned. ¬†But it was done. ¬†There was no going back and I couldn’t look at it long… seconds later it was bandaged up and covered in plastic.

It was done.  I had a tattoo.

149157_10151561083017468_2012135467_nLooking at it a few hours later when I was able to unwrap it and wash it for the first time, that’s when I really fell in love. ¬†It was perfect. ¬†There were things I didn’t know would work- the placement and size especially- but I trusted my artist and my guy.

I heard over and over how after 2 years I would regret getting the tattoo. ¬†After 2 years passed it was, “well after 5 years it will start to fade and you will have grown up and changed and you will regret it”.

Well y’all, it’s been over 6 years and I still love it more and more every time I put my shoes on or paint my nails. ¬† I’ve taken exceptional care or it and there is very little excessive fading.

I couldn’t listen to all the noise. ¬†My body, my design, my choice. ¬†And I’m more myself for it every day.

What have people told you about getting tattooed?  Is it still taboo?



Social Media Memories


July 23rd.


I set up my Facebook account. ¬†Sitting in a bubble tea/Internet cafe in the small river town of Grafton, IL. before there were smart phones and selfies and unlimited data and so much more. ¬†I sat there with some girls that would become my life long friends regardless of where life took us. ¬† We laughed and took tons of photos. ¬†We accepted each others Friend Requests and started something that would last for well… 10 years and counting.

I’ve kept that Facebook account active all these years to keep in touch with all of those people and the hundreds more I’ve met along the way. ¬†We are spread out all over the country… all over the world… and thanks to Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter and the rest now) we are able to wish one another Happy Birthday, anniversary, graduation, move, baby, pet adoption, and job change. ¬†We can celebrate, grieve, argue, and explore all through social media. ¬†We have watched each other grow up thousands of miles away through a screen.

Social media can be pretty amazing.  Not only can we keep up with so many people and activities, but we can document moments and events, special occasions and meetings through photos and written accounts. Through our accounts we can save memories to look back at them later.

So often these memories are good. ¬†Don’t most people only share the fun times and keep the painful ones private? ¬†But no life is perfect. ¬†Not all memories are good. ¬†Some things are very hard to relive. ¬†There are life events we barely got through in the first place. ¬† Painful or upsetting times and people who are no longer in our lives. Then Facebook pops them up on our time lines reminding us of the good, bad and ugly. ¬† You see yourself in different times and places with different people.


Should we be able to relive these memories? ¬†I have an account with 10 years worth of memories. ¬†Celebrations. ¬†Death. ¬†Love. ¬†Loss. ¬†Performances. ¬†Relationships. ¬†Travel. ¬†Parties. ¬†This list could go on. ¬†We can so easily go back and see our good times and bad times. ¬†Looking through only profile pictures I see so many hair colors and pounds gained or lost, and other people who mattered enough to be there… then.


There have been SO many times I’ve thought about deactivated my account.

I can’t live with the memories. ¬†The constant reminders of what I had that I lost. ¬†The constant look back at my ridiculous state of mind as an angsty teen or the beautiful performances that are from a life I no longer live. ¬†In another 10 years, what will I think of myself now? ¬†Is that something I want to know?

Then I see the happy times. ¬†Those events or people or celebrations that make it all worth it. ¬†Having the beautiful (although occasionally painful) ability to see the relive these memories can remind us who we are. ¬†Our brains can change these memories. ¬†We pull what we want… from time to time we loose the details.

14889861_10155440850462468_4122340096916980480_oJuly 23rd.


I mean, I still have Facebook. ¬†I’m very active on Instagram. ¬†Twitter is always in the back seat, but it’s there.

There are 10 years of life and memories accessible through my computer.  What will the next 10 years bring?  What advances in technology and life will there be?  Where will we all be in 10 years?  Or even 5 years?  Will we still have Facebook or Instagram?

One thing is for sure, we will continue to live life and make memories. ¬†We will continue to find ways to document these memories. ¬†It’s our nature… as people…. to save memories. And right now Social Media is the way we do it.

Store your memories through Social Media?  How do you feel about that?



Race in Review:: Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon 2017

May races are my favorite!¬† I don’t know, something about the weather and the air and the light.¬† I almost always have amazing race experiences in May.¬† And this year was no different, as we crossed 5 state lines in 2 days to get up to Biddeford , Maine for the Maine Coast Half Marathon!¬† Another state down and another 13.1 in the books.¬† Here is a little recap and some great pictures from the race.



Getting from New York City to southern Maine for a few hours of racing without taking much time off work, that is a feat in itself.¬† With bags packed and coffee in hand, Megan and I took off for a race weekend road trip.¬† First stop, Boston‚ÄĒ thank goodness for family in the area.¬† We were able to drive about half way then have a night of being taken care of including an amazing hot meal and cozy beds (beats a hotel any day!)¬† Next morning‚Ķ and I mean early morning we pilled back into the car with race gear and sweats for the second leg of the trip to Maine.

Arriving at the start ‚Äúvillage‚ÄĚ where we needed to go to park and pick up numbers was clearly marked and everything was smooth.¬† With numbers and pins in hand it was time to relax, stretch, and wait to coral up.¬† I‚Äôm a race snob‚Ķ I know‚Ķ and I expect a certain level or organization and treatment on are morning.¬† Surprisingly this was was pretty well set up!

Finally corralled and ready to go, each wave was sent off with the sounding of the conch shell instead of a buzzer.  This was super unique and really kept the unique feel of this race.

The weather was rather perfect.  Rain was on the way, but race morning was clear, sunny, breezy, and fresh.  A good chunk of the course was right along the ocean which was not only amazing to look at but helped to keep the air cool and mild.  Some of the course was very exposed, so I definitely got a few tan lines the 2+ hours I was out there, but luckily it was not full summer sun so we didn’t get baked.



You know what else comes with a course that is right along the ocean?  A FLAT course!  Yes, that’s something I like from time to time.  Hills keep it exciting and challenging as all goodness, but a sometimes flat is nice.  Between manageable rolling hills and some turnarounds, this predominantly flat course showed off the beautiful beachfront neighborhoods as well as the coast.  The course was challenging enough that I’m glad (as always) training was involved, but not so hard that I was dying by the finish.

Throughout there were well stocked water stations with cheer squads.  The whole community really made an amazing turn out to support all of us runners.  Entertaining signs, bells, and whistles all along the course are so key to keeping this runner going.

While I was ticking off mile after mile on this half, my first major race sense the NYC Marathon, I happily fell into my run-a-mile/walk-a-mile routine. ¬†Read all about that experience in my other post “How I Learned to Walk”.




After that story, I sprinted to a fabulous finish and great post-race event.  There was plenty of water, snacks, and photo opts.

Then began the drive back. ¬†Back to Boston for a shower and lunch (thank goodness there is family all over!) then back to New York. ¬†We outran if for a while, but eventually the rain caught up with us. ¬†But not before we discovered the tax free state liquor stores in New Hampshire…. let’s just say we have more gin in the apartment now then when we left.

But we made it back.  another medal around my neck, miles on my shoes, and memories of another great half marathon!

Have fun spring race stories?  Share them here!



Conversation Chess

Before we even begin this little intellectual adventure, be warned that I’m writing pre coffee and contacts. ¬†Yes, you all ready that right and I’m relying on my oh so smart MacBook Air ¬†maybe more then I should to catch the errors I can’t see (literally). ¬† So here we go, a little morning brain dump/rant/concept exploration that kept me up half the night.

Now I don’t mean that in a negative way- kept me up half the night- it’s ok, it’s good, it’s important. ¬†When you have brilliant friends, as I do, you are often challenged to see and think a little differently about your words, thoughts, and actions. ¬†You are challenged and engaged to see past the end of your noise and maybe just maybe trust yourself enough to go out on a limb for something you want, even if it’s totally new and scary for you… cause you know what, you may like the outcome. ¬†Of course it may turn out it’s not what you want, but then you know. ¬†You know not because you assumed but because you did.

I know what you all may be thinking– HOW is this anything about conversation or chess or anything? ¬†It’s Monday morning and you were really hoping for a white piece about a race or a cat…. well, exactly… that’s what you would expect (and there will be plenty of those in the future) but today let’s make the move you didn’t see coming.

Conversation as Chess.

I had a long conversation last night about conversations. ¬†Analyzing conversations and looking for a potential desired outcome. ¬†The importance of paying close attention to the small details and acting no them. ¬†Answering a question¬†not with a straight flat answer, but with another question or a gripping answer- which in turn causes your opponent (let’s keep with the chess theme) to respond- to engage you in a conversation to the death (preferably of their king of course, but you never know).

The artist in me had so many visualizations of this concept. ¬†One that I almost used was a play off the ConEd ad “Smell Gas, Act Fast. ¬†Don’t thinking someone else will make the call”. ¬†But this ended up lacking ¬†the complexity of a conversation analysis as I wanted for this post… so chess can to mind. ¬† Even though I know very little about the actual playing of the game, I have a pretty solid idea… I lost many a game to my brother back in the day.

Let’s say the piece are different words and topics you could use to start or continue an engaging interesting conversation.

The moves and strategy involved in each play is the same as the thought and strategy (new favorite word here) you involve in a conversation to draw out and reveal the interesting angles of your partner.

And that partner, that opponent who’s king you are trying to capture, is the person across the table or sitting next to you, with whom you really want to engage.

From time to time, a Pawn must be sacrificed. ¬†You test the waters of conversation with them to see what sticks… and what gets shot down quick. ¬† But they can also clear the way and begin to open up windows of opportunity for you to get something deeper ¬†from your opponent. ¬†The pawns can draw out the more interesting characters, the more complex topics, that can surprise you. ¬† Don’t always talk about the expected- the race, the cat, the job, the travel destination… but find the nugget of common interest in each one… the photo, the whisky, the charred interest. ¬†That’s where things go from flat to rolling hills (runner moment there).

These surprises are what can build exciting conversations, if you know how to use them correctly. ¬†Don’t attack in a straight line- here don’t give a flat one dimensional answer to a question that could be a jumping off point for something more intriguing. ¬†Instead, attack from the side or jump over someone to get at something more important that was just left lying around- find the sparks in the conversation, reply to something not asked but mentioned in passing and keep your partner watching your plays. ¬†Keep them on their toes so they want to know what you have in store.

These plays can go on for days or maybe they are short lived (as my games were when I was 14). ¬†Either way, each play needs to be worth the move, worth the piece, worth your time. ¬†If it’s not, both players spent time on something that fizzled out and ended up being nothing. ¬† Maybe it takes a game or two or even three to get you bearings and get some nerve to be yourself on the chess board. ¬†To make the unexpected moves and take your opponent off guard. ¬†Then maybe, just maybe that bold move, that humorous unexpected answer, will leave them wanting just a little more and a little more. ¬†You start a volley. ¬†A deeper back and forth conversation that is now more then rolling hills, but some steep inclines that force you to go to a much deeper level before you can enjoy the downhill (oops, ok again more of a running image there… but I’m better at that then chess, geeze!).

Perhaps you eventually get to the cat and mouse game with the king and queen dancing around the board, a few meager pieces attempting to stop her wrath and guard their king.  A battle to the death or a draw.  Where does it go from here?

Two players shake it off and walk away. ¬†The moment was fun but now the moment has passed. ¬†On to find a more suitable opponent. ¬† OR. ¬†Or these two set that board up again and play another round. ¬†Another change to engage one another in something deeper and intriguing that keeps both coming back to the chess board over and over. ¬†Even if the same one of the pair looses each time, the game-the complexity and deep interest of the conversation- that’s what matters most.

But remember… it may take a round or two to get there.

And there you have it. ¬†This may be the most intellectual I will ever be without coffee. ¬†But as I don’t see and red dotted lines running rampant through this post, I must have done something right.

I hope you enjoy. I hope you can see (at least a little) what the underlying message here.  It applies to everything, to just about every conversation- every relationship.


Thoughts?  Please share!



Can’t be MIA anymore!

Beautiful amazing readers and followers!

I know, I’ve been MIA for… well, longer then I should have been. ¬†BUT there is a lot of amazing stuff coming your way.

Just to peak your interest (and hold myself accountable) let’s take a look at what I have in store and draft for y’all!

  • Tattoo Tales– I have 5 now, why not tell the stories behind them. ¬†There can be so much taboo about tattoos and I want to break that down.
  • Race Reviews– I’m taking a break from running right now but I have some great stories to tell from the last 3 big races I did in the spring.
  • Bali Files– The stories continue! ¬†I still have some fun times to share with you all.

… and more!

Anything you all want to hear about?  Topics you want me to write about or questions you have about anything I write?

Let me know!